Friday, April 19, 2013

Rockin' the Spanish, great devotionals, investigators, and surprise reunions!


Pues. . .mi y la otras Hermans y Elderes tambien hablamos todo en Espanol hoy. . .entonces, yo necisito escribo solomente en espanol, esta bien?! Hahaha jk I won't :) I am attempting to speak completely in Spanish now though so it's great, I really enjopy doing it actually haha I haven't really kept you updated on like the progression of my Spanish, it's probably impossible to tell just through letters and stuff. . .but I have memorized my misionera proposito, la primera vision, y DyC 4 oh y la invatacion de buatismal :) which for me is pretty dang impressive! I've NEVER been good at memorizing. and most of those things I memorized in a day! I'm actually currently working on DyC 4 oh and Sanitago 1:5 (James, weird huh haha) Anyway, it's great stuff!

 I can't remember what all I've said about my investigators, i feel like I didn't talk abotu them much at all in my last e-mail, but they are all doing GREAT! Heidy (pronouced h-A-dee en espanol) is Hermana Camacho and she is being herseld when she was 17 and the missionaries were attempting to teach her. She was kinda hard to get through too and it took a lot but we finally got her to want to come to church! We focused a lot on trying to build her faith in Heavenly Father because she prays a lot but doesn't ever feel like she is getting an answer, so we shared some of our own experiences, as well as some words we heard from Elder Scott!!!! I'll talk about that in a minute :) So yeah, she's doing great. Eric, who I taught for the first time on day 4 and 5 here and taught for the third time on Monday in MTC time that's like not meeting with him for a year haha it went well, he's also coming to church and we invited him to be baptized! He said yes, so in our next lesson we're going to set a date :) Eric is Hermano Monroe who just started teching us last Saturday. . .ish haha and I LOVE him! He has incredible insights and is really good at helping us know how to teach well. 
All of our teachers are incredile though haha oh and his girlfriend is coming home from her mission this week so I'm sooo excited for him (I thought of Aaron of course and how I'll getta be that girl ;) we got a ways to go before we getta think about that though honey! <3) But it's just so dang cool to see that he's supported her going on a mission (obviously she went later and he had to wait closer to a year, and it's just so cool to see that she supports her so much in that. He's an incridible example for sure. Then last in Hermana Ayala who is Regina, a lady we door contacted whose son got shot by a gang on their way to church, so she is pretty upset with God. Yesterday we gave her a real short (haha of course since my vocab forces my lessons to be real short haha) lesson on the Plan of Salvation and she agreed to come to church with us if her husband allows her too. It's crazy how much I LOVE these "investigators." I love my teachers too, but I truly do invest a lot of my emotions into them, like if they fake didn't wanna listen to our lessons anymore I'll probably cry haha Oh, so we got to hear some AWESOME talks for devotionals and stuff this week!
On Sunday for Relief Society we heard Mary Ellen Edmunds, who I actually had never heard of before but apparently Mom knows who she is? That lady is one HILARIOUS gal! It was soooo cool to me how she would be laughing and joking with us at one point and the very next minute has the whole room in tears cuz she's in tears herself. Talk about a passionate woman, I wanna be more like that. But she said a TON of really awesome pinterst worthy quotes, the one I liked best was that she was that this work leaves you with SO many people you just can't imagine heaven without. Isn't that just cool to think about? And I can TOTALLY see where she's coming from there. What was another one. . .obviously everyone died laughing when she was talking about not to touch the elders, but make a list of the ones you DO want to touch haha I hear SO many sisters in the hall now saying something along the lines of "he's going on the list" and we all know exactly what they mean haha (even though there is only one Elder on my list ;) )
 Speaking of, Aaron said that they're transfer schedule is lined up with when I'm leaving, which to put it into perspective, I have one more regular p-day, and then I'll be packing and getting ready to LEAVE! Crazy huh?!?! That's why we are trying to just speak in spanish haha anyway, he said they already have 6 missionaries waiting there for Argentina visa's! But, it is likely I'll be transferred state side for a bit, even though there is still a possibility that my visa will be here. That would just be nutzo if I have to go there. . .I can't quite decide how I'd feel if that did happen haha
Ok, back to awesome speakers, sunday night we had a guy from the media department of the church who talked a lot about how much media is being used to "hasten the work" and of course the I'm a Mormon thing has been going on, but they did a campagaine in NY for Christmas that was super cool, one of the stories qas they got this GIGANTIC 2 wall bilboard that said Christ is Christmas, and right beneath there's the Atheists had bought a board that was something along the lines of Celebrate the Claus, not the myth, with a picture of Santa and Christ. . .pretty sad, but apparently there was a TON of news stories about it and all of them talked about how cool it was that "the Mormons" were defending Christ. So yeah, and then the other campaign they are doing they just started in London, and apparently the church is super obscure there, but The Book of Mormon Musical (I guess I didn't realize but this is apparently a super filthy and kind of devilish sort of deal :/) anyways, it was going there and they purchased a bunch of add space that said "The Mormons are Coming". . .this man was in a meeting with the Brothern and he brought this up and they said "Well, I guess that's where we're going then!" haha I thought that was hilarious! But yeah, look it up and see if you can find some of the adds they did cuz the pictures were awesome! There was one that had a double decker bus with "The Mormons are Coming" and then right behind it one pulled up that had stuff on it, they had arrived. Haha cool stuff!

Ok, best for last! We were blessed here in the MTC Tuesday night to hear from Richard G. Scott! Oh my heavens. . .I love that man. He is just so sweet and humble and I just ADORE how much he loves his precious wife Genine <3 He talked to us about how Heavenly Father wants to talk with us and help us, but he also wants us to learn and grow, so if we feel like we aren't recieving as answer to our prayers, that's OK! Do something anyway and he'll let you know if what you are doing is right :) It was sooo awesome so he spoke, and then after the song a girl got up to say the prayer and he stood up (I was surpriside by how short he is, i guess I just picture all of the quarom of the 12 to be humungopus like Elder Perry!) but he told the girl just a minute he had one more thing to say so he went back up to the mic and told us that we were called of God and he knew what all we could handle and he would never have us do something he knew we weren't capable of doing. Also, that he would never send any of his childrem here to FAIL! Of course he wouldn't! So have faith and even when it feels like there is nothing you can do, you can because we have a Savior who made it possible for us to conquer all!
Oh, i remebered another quote from Sister Edmunds. She said that Heavenly Father knew of our missions in "preschool" (that's what she kept calling pre'earth life!) so there is no reason to think we shouldn't be here, cuz we've been DESTINED to be here since forever ago :) and I thought that was cool, that doesn't only have to do with my literal mission right now, but with EVERYTHING we do in life. Our Heavenly Father knew what we would come here to do, and He wanted us to succeed at it. You know what else is cool? We KNEW we would succeed at it. That's why we're here! We just have to have faith and keep pressing onward and all will work out and life can be amazing as long as we allow the Atonement to lift and carry us through it :) <3 So, as you can see, I had an incredibly spiritually stregthening week AGAIN! :)
Ok, for more random stuff, we got a new district of entirely ELDERS! So, as of Monday we will have 12 elders and 4 sisters in my zone haha we're itty bitty, but they seem like really great young men and it was fun helping orientate them!
 Also, I saw Zack Marting Wednesday!!!! It was GREAT!! I thought he had left a long time ago but he actually leaves next week I believe, so hopefully I'll getta see him at least once more :) Last random thing, it's been snowing here too, but the snow is like miniature hail cuz it's so stinkin dry here (you can't really tell in the pictures of me, but my face it doing pretty good expect for the factit's so dried out I'm constantly peeling haha) So yeah, it's been a great week!
You guys have an amazing week ok?! I love you all and thank you for sending my letters/e-mails! Rosa and Emily, thank you for the e-mails! I don't have time to e-mail back today, but I'll try to get you a concrete letter today :) Same to Mrs. Melissa Davis at the Voncannon library! Love you all and hope all is well there after the crazy fire! I'm glad everyone is safe! Ok, gots to go.

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