Monday, October 14, 2013

De White A es la Hermana Conger!

Yup. We're White A now :) Two other Hermanas came to the area on Friday and it´s been a party ever since haha I have to tell stories and talk about random stuff in espanol now so that is helping the language a TON! Hermana´s Alvarez y Carpio are from Peru and they are some pretty great cooks (not quite as good as my mom of course ;) haha but it´s been good! Our apartment is tiny and our area is tiny, so it´s been interesting working all of that out. They had to come to our area because they´re old one was dangerous and also there are MORE missionaries coming out then leaving, wihich hasn´t happened here in Argentina for a REALLY long time so that´s pretty darn cool. BUt now that I mention that, I´m still here on a tourist Visa, so that might complicate things if we have a bunch of tourists cuz they ask for our identification sometimes in stores, but it´ll be ok! haha
This is gonna be kinda short but just a few other updates. . .
I cut my bangs back last monday haha I was sitting writting a letter to Aaron and the thought crossed my mind (normally when it does I´m in the street or laying in bed so I don´t do anything about it, but I just got up and cut them :) and I LOVE it haha it was funny cuz I id it while my companion was sleeping so she was WAY confused when she woke up haha so great :) Also, futbol (soccer haha) season is in FULL SWING around here, big timers and the little White games, and they shoot off this HUGE cannon whenever there is a goal haha I´ve been at doors talking to people and I jump so high when that thing goes off haha it´s really funny. It´s wierd though, whenever we walk by I feel like I could just walk in and I´d be watching Kix and Ace or SVU playing haha I guess I didn´t really realize how terribly much I miss supporting MY teams <3
Random story of the week: I´m not sure if I´ve mentioned, but when we have to go to Bahia for meetings of Conferences, we take a Collectivo (a big bus haha) and when we were coming back from Stake Conerence yesterday, me and Hermanan Harris were sitting in the back and the driver curbchecked hard core and I went FLYING in the air and fell on this poor man sitting next to me haha I just smiled and laughed cuz I felt so silly and embarassed, but then an old man carrying flowers got up to get off the bus and he handed me one of the flowers and said something like "To make everything ok again" it was the sweetest thing and TOTALLY made my day :) People really can be so sweet around here :)
Welp. That´s my time up I guess! I love you all so much! Mom, if you could get me a copy of the General Conference talks in English that would be the best :) haha

Have a great week everyone, I know I´m going too :) 
Your Larissa

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