Friday, April 5, 2013

First real P-day letter!


How are you all doing?!?! I'm still doing soooo awesome! I am loving it, it's hard work, but the reward is incredible :)

So, as I was saying before I had two investigators Maria and Eric. Teaching them has been a rollercoaster of emotions! We have spiritual highs and times where we just wish they could understand what we have and they could just really embrace it. These first teaching experiences were mainly to humble us and show us that teaching isn't easy, and there is NO WAY you can teach with out the spirit. That has been a gigantic testimony builder for me. I can't believe the way I've began to apply the Atonement in my life and how strong my testimony of the truthfullness of this gospel has grown in jjust a short week, as well as how much spanish I can speak/understand!!! It's CRAZY!!

We listened to a video that we hear in Spanish from one of our first few days here, when we listened to it then, I was able to pick out a few words, but we listened to it again yesterday and I understood EVERY SINGLE WORD!!! This place is seriously guarded by angles so the gift of tongues, and all gifts of the spirit, are able to just flow freely through us. It's truly soo amazing.

I finally got to go to the temple again this morning!! I'll getta go every p-day, we have to get up at like 5:30 though haha but honestly I am now IN LOVE with getting up early and showering to get ready, maybe part of it is that my hair is sooo easy to manage now after a shower, but it's nice to have that time to wake myself up and stuff ya know? :) Today was the first time I straightened my hair! Everyone thinks it looks funny since all they've ever seen me with is wavy hair haha but It was fun to switch it up, I appreciate how fully it is now that I have that wave :)
MOM!!! GUESS WHO SPOKE AT OUR DEVOTIONAL TUESDAY NIGHT?!?! SHERI DEW!!! It was sooooo cool! I wrote a letter to you about it, but she talked alot about how if we rely on the Savior for everything, anything is possible :) We have devotionals every Sunday and Tuesday night, and everyone says leading up to it who they think it'll be, so rumors of an apostle or the prophet coming spread like wild fire haha but It's possible I guess! I'm SO excited for conference! I will just be listening to int in english and it's broadcasted to the MTC so we don't have to travel all the way to SLC, even thought I still am dying to do that someday :)

Note from RJ: This is Joce & Larissa (one of her college roommates from SVU)
I saw Joce on Wednesday! I convinced my companion to study outside so I could keep an eye out for her (ok lets be honest, it was impossible for me to concentrate haha) but not even 5 minutes after we sat down she came by and she was pretty upset and scared so I felt soooo grateful that I could be there to be what little comfort she may have needed at the time :) I have yet to find her again, but hopefully once she gets on the regular schedule like me I'll see her more! I'm stoked to see Jaren too! That will be so cool! There really isn't much time to sit around and "catch up" but it's nice to have little comforts like people I know to remind me I  DO have a life outside of this place haha
Some other fun little things that remind me of home. . .FRESCA IS EVERYWHERE!! They have it in the fountain drink machines, cans in the vending machines, even out in the real world!! (I'll explain more about that in a minute.) My district thinks I'm a little weird cuz I drink it like EVERY meal haha but it's whatever, it makes me happy :)

So, about the real world, I was in a tri-panionship several times this week! On Tuesday, Hermana Tolman, my comp, had medical training to prepare her for being a nurse in the feild (she is an RN so she was called as our mission nurse!! Cool huh?) But anyway that left me in a tri-panionship with thte other Hermanas in my district, which was actually super weird haha I'm so used to being with Hermana Tolman it was like a peice of me was missing haha, but it was a normal day otherwise. BUt yesterday, an Hermana in a different district (Hermana Thomas, who happen to be from DEVER! Whoop whoop) Was with me and Hna. Tolman for the day because she broke her foot and wasn't able to go to in-feild orientation with her district. We ended up needing to go to a few doctors appointments with her and stuff so we went around Provo and it was SOOOO weird being in the real world again haha we got to talk to some people about our mission though and even share a little message with a few people in waiting rooms and stuff so THAT was way cool! Hermana Thomas found out she got  to take her boot off too, so it was a super exciting morning!! And then for some reason, yesterday afternoon was really tough. Like the toughest I've had yet so far. I ended up breaking down FOR THE FIRST TIME SINcE I ENTERED!! Isn't that impressive! haha But it was needed, I hadn't really let myself realize how great my calling is, how much I have to learn in the next few weeks, or how much I miss you all. But, I'm great now, like I said it was a needed break down :)
Oh, fun stuff, I've gotten to play basketball in gym the past couple days (we have gym everyday for 50 minutes, it's pretty much the best :) ) and I found Hermana Enos who LOVE playing and she is VERy good, so me and her jump in and play with the elders (I feel bad cuz sometimes we are a lot better than they are. . .haha ;) ) It's kinda hard cuz you can't guard or help defense on the elders cuz we aren't allowed to touch each other. . .but ti's fun!
Thank you for updating me with Dear Elder!! Oh my gosh I love it sooo much :) The Voice sounds awesome, I hope I can re-watch all the seasons when i get home :) My time is almost up, I'm gonna write a letter to you all today too so I'll finisjh answering stuff in my letter! i love you all so much!!

Yo se que el evengilio de cristo es verdadero y yo se que Jesuscristo es nuestros Salvador y Rendentor. Te amo la iglesisa MUCHO!!! Talk to you all soon! I'll send pictures later today :)

LOVE YOU!!!!!! :)

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