Friday, April 26, 2013

Final stretch at the MTC & crazy dreams :)

Hola todas personas de mi corazon!!! 
Yo quiero todos! Haha I would type more in espanol (and i'm sure in the furture that may be how I write better, at least I'm hoping so!) But as for right now I'll just write in English haha How are you all?! OH MY GOODNESS!! I got like 7 letters on Monday and it was SO great! Thank you Malia, Anna N., Sister Neilsen, Kix, Beth. . .oh Mom and Aaron ahaha and anyone else that sent me a letter! Or who sent a prayer my way, because I've definitely been feeling all of them, so thank you SOOO much! Also, thank you for the package mom! I bet my roomates that there would be another bag of wheat preztles in there haha and there wasn't! I loved the pay days though! Honestly, there isn't a whole lot of time for "Snacking" in the CCM, so yeah the treats you sent me were perfecto :) 
I'm gonna send you a box of stuff home (cuz I'm kinda worried about weight) So it'll probably be some shirts and some other things that I might have you send me later in the mission. I think you should just keep those other dresses for now too and send them to me when the 2 I have get worn out or for my birthday or something :) Also, that iPod I brought doesn't hold battery like at all :/ I've just been using it as a light (cuz we aren't allowed to listen to music in the CCM) but I only turn it on like twice (once at night and once in the moring) and it's dead by the end of the day, and I promise the music is off and not playing haha but anyway, I was just thinking maybe you could load my playlist onto that purple iPod you were gonna send me. This week on Sunday the BYU Mens Chorus came and performed for us and they were SOOO good! They just released a new album just for missionaries, and apparently it's supposed to be free. . .so if you could get some of those songs that would be AWESOME! We also heard Vocal point a couple weeks ago and I liked their music a ton too :) Anyway. . .I think that's it for nit picky mom stuff! :) 
Ok so some bigish news. . .I have in-feild orientation this Thursday. . .HOLY WOW!!! I can NOT believe how fast the time here has gone. It seriously feel like we just had p-day haha so, that being said, we, if we have our visa's, will get travle plans tonight. But, we checked with the travle office and they don't think we have visa's, therefore, I'll get a transfer assignment this coming thursday as well!!! It's like waiting for a mission call all over again! haha I am sooo excited! So mom, make sure you have your phone on you and aware of it AT ALL TIMES on thursday, friday, and saturday next week, cuz I"LL GET TO CALL YOU!!! Once I figure out where I'm going I can call you and tell you what's up and where I'm going and stuff :) But, if you don't answer I just have to leave a voice mail and can't call back, so if at all possible I want to be able to talk to you haha 
Funny story, I have dreamt EVERY SINGLE NIGHT this week that I'm getting transfered to Boise. Aaaannndddd every night something different happens haha like the first night me and Aaron saw each other right away and it was like we were magnets and as soon as we were in the same room we were stuck to eachother and they had to send us home cuz they couldn't pry us apart hahaha and then the next night I saw him when i got there and I ran away cuz I didn't want to get him sent home again but the same thing happened, and then the next night I was able to see where he was but was able to avoid being in the same room with him for awhile so that was good, but then somejhow he was like my DL or something, so I HAD to be in the same room, but this time we handled ourselves good and it was because Aaron didn't recognize me or remeber who I was hahahahahahaha It was great and so on and so on but I'm just kinda hoping I don't have to deal with that situation. . .we'll see! 
Oh!! Cool thing! ANNA!!! So, you asked me about those Hermana's going to LA and said you were roomates with Hermana Young. . .SHE WAS MY ROOMATE!!! I absolutely ADORE her! I can TOTALLY picture you two living together! If you write her, you should tell her you know me! I swear I said I was from Sterling, Colorado, and I would have imagined she would remeber that's where you are from but I guess not, anyway that is just SO cool! If you get me your e-mail I'll send a picture of the two of us together :) That would be so cool if I ran into you at the temple! haaha I'm soooo tempted to tell you what times I'm there at, but I'm not supposed to do that. . .if I just accidently run into you though it's ok, so I'll just keep hoping that happens! I walked to the BYU Student Health Clinic today cuz I had to pic up a perscription and I say BYU and was thinking about where you might be, I hope your doing well, I MISS YA!!! 
Oh, last week at the temple we got to do initiatories which was SO great. I'd only done my own, so I learned SO much, it was way awesome. This week we did a session and the woman I got to go through for had my same birthday!! It was a neat little miracle that really lifted me today, I just love the temple. Next week I think our district is going to do sealings together (we can only be sons and daughters) but we thought that would be a neat district experience before we head into the feild :) I love my district sooo much. The Elders are like my brothers haha and seriously like there personalities are so Kix, Ace, and Cade! Little things they do remind me of them and it makes me feel a little more at home and not miss them so much. I play basketball at gym with them too, haha I literally can't shoot a girl ball anymore. If I make anything I like bank it off really hard haha but yeah, the Elders I play basketball with are always like "Hola Hermana whose way good at basketball" (haha that's a lie, but it cracks me up cuz they never remeber my last name!)  
I love the Hermana's too. . .it's still been interesting because all three of them are just so different from me. . .but me and Hermana Tolman had a talk about it and I think things are getting a little better! And I mean we teach fantastic together, I just feel like all throughout the rest of the day we are pretty distant. . .her and Hermana Campbell get along super well, so she tends to drift toward her, which makes me feel kinda alone sometimes, but it's ok :) Like I said she is trying to be more aware of it and stuff, but honestly I'm grateful for this oppertunity to feel really alone because my relationship with my Heavenly Father and Savior has grown TREMENDOUSLY!! And what better realtionship can you have right? And I believe it more and more everyday that if your strongest relationship and who you ALWAYS put first is Jesus Christ, your relationships with other people are going to be that much stronger and you are going to be that much better of a person for it, because the more we put Christ first in out lives, the more like Him we become :) 
We had an awesome talk by President Evans who is actually the head of the missionary department and works with Elder Holland and Elder Nelson :) But anyways he talk a LOT about repentance which I just thought was sooo neat. I've been thinking a lot about how I can becaome more converted unto Christ and really try my best in all that I do to expemplify him, and during that talk over and over it hit me the conversion is ALL about repentance. Repentance is the way we recieve that true change of heart that allows our whole being to become as Christ. I need to be more aware every single day about the choices I'm making, the thoughts I'm having, and just who I am and in the moment try to change. Because change IS repentance. We don't have to commit some gigantic sin in order to use repentance. It's an every day experience of trying to be a little better and do a little better. I feel like I've always known that, but it's just really been something I'm trying to allow and make myself become more aware of every single moment of the day. 
One of my INCREDIBLE teachers gave this awesome analogy about change and how it's like turning on the light in the morning. It really hurts your eyes at first. It's uncomfortable as your eyes adjust, you can't really see what's ahead of you and your tempted to just crawl back into the darkness. But, once you stick it out and that's over with. . .isn't it so much better in the light? I know it's "easier" being a missionary, not being in the "world" and all, but I challenge you all to be a little more aware of the things your thinkning and speaking throughout the day and when you feel something and just doesn't feel good, just make the conscious effort right in that moment to change it. That may seem like a kinda difficult thing to do at first, but I know and can testify that with Christ, all things are possible :)  
Speaking of my teachers, since it's the end of semester at BYU, all of the teachers schedules are changing, so, for our last week we are going to have ALL new teachers. I seriously cried when they told ust that hahaha (you know me;) ) but my teachers have seriously strengthened my testimony So much and they have helped me get through struggles they didn't even know I was having. But everyone of them is SO converted to this gospel, and it is such a priviledge to get to learn from them. It gives me that many more examples of people I want to become like through this mission.  
Yesterday, they taught us how to teach the first vision. I think I mentioned that I have it memorized, so after they taught us how to teach it, it was our turn. I dunno why, I've had the first vision memorized for a few weeks now, but we hadn't used it in a lesson yet. So, yesterday I finally did. And let me tell you. . .that was one of the strongest spirtitual experiences I've ever had. I know that Joseph Smith was called as a prophet of God, and I know because I've asked someone who was there - My Heavenly Father, and he has witnessed to me over and over again the truthfullness of this experience. It is just beautiful :) Now, to share it with someone who doesn't have a testimony of their own :) I can't wait :) 
Joce, Jaron, Larissa - buds from SVU at the MTC!
 Alright well I better scoot! Kix, thank you sooo much for the e-mail about Rachel! Just keep me informed on stuff you two do together and thigns like that ok?! I'm missing being able to talk to you about those kinds of things <3 And cool with the Art Show and out of the park Home Run!!! You're just a stud ;) Ace, you should send me an e-mail/Dear sometime bud! I flippin miss the heck out of you! Cade and Taysa, sorry I don't have any ideas for your skit. . .unless you wanna do the story of Nephi and how he always "goes and does the things the Lord commandeth" of him haha sorry my wordly creativity has left me ;) Be sure and record it though so I can see it when I get home!! Can you believe I'm a month into the mish! CRAZYNESS!!! Ok I love you all soooo much! Mom thanks for the Dear Elders! I need them <3 And don't forget to be aware of your phone on those days!!! Daddy! I miss you, send me a note sometime would ya <3 Everyone have a great week OK?!?!

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