Monday, June 17, 2013

I'm coming Argentina!! ...but not today.

Well. . .apparently I've just got some unexpected work I've gotta get done down here in good ole Florida!! :) All of my fellow visa waiter Hermana's received their visa on Saturday and are flying out today!

Pray for them and their safety would ya! I'm so excited for them and it'll be a good day when I get down there, but I'm not going to lie I'm kinda relieved today is NOT that day haha I thought I was going to throw up when President said "Keep a stiff upper lip on this one Sister Conger. . .all of the Visa's came. *insert bugged out eyes, loss of breath, heart stopping, all that haha*. . .except yours." *HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF!!!* haha it was great. The only sad thing is I'm leaving this wonderful area in Viera because President thinks my Visa will be here in about a week. According to when I saw the Consulate in the MTC it didn't quite sound that way, but I'm just going to stay on my tip toes and be as engaged in the work here as I ever have been.

I will be moving to an area just outside Orlando called Kissimee where there are apparently a lot more Spanish speakers! So that'll be fun to get back into the groove of espanol. Not only that, but I will be helping train a new Spanish Sister who has been called to Orlando! There was only 1 when I got here but there are 3 coming this transfer so only 2 can be with the Hermana that has been here, so I know that's part of the reason Heavenly Father is holding up my visa :) (Also I think he knows I left a large majority of winter gear at home and am not near prepared enough temporally) haha but I am so excited.
The hardest thing is leaving everyone I've grown so attached to here. I felt like people were finally really getting to know me and some of our investigators who have been having a hard time progressing are finally getting there and M is getting baptized soon and all of that I'm gonna have to miss and leave, but I have a feeling of peace that I have done the best I could to complete my part of the work that needed to be done here <3 The Lord expects a lot from me in this work, but I feel like the small imperfect offering I was able to give was what it needed to be. I have learned SO much about myself and especially about my relationship with my Heavenly Father, my Savior Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost that I never ever could have learned any other way. I have made some incredible eternal friendships here too. I have to come back someday that is for sure :)
So as for people, M, like I said is doing so awesome! He is still on track for his Baptism and even though he's going through some really hard stuff he sees the Savior strengthening him and blessing him as he turns to him. I'm gonna miss that kid! It has been the coolest thing to see him recognize truths and try his best to live the way God wants him to live. He has taught me a lot and I am thankful for the opportunity I've had to help him develop a true and lasting relationship with Christ :) 
C is back! We hadn't seen him in what seemed like a really long time, but we finally got back ahold of him and he is actually starting to really read the Book of Mormon and loves it! It's so neat to see him get excited about the stories and try to draw comparisons to his own life. Also, we set a solid baptism date with him! He love repentance and that Christ has allowed the ability for him to change and be a better person and he wants to be able to start over. It's pretty neat!

I have SO many more people I could talk about, I love them all so much! I'm sure I'll remember them for the rest of my life because they have all had such an effect on me. Greatest of all though has been my companions. Sister Mevs and I are not alike at all! Other than, we love our Savior and this gospel very very much, and we love other people a lot too. We have had our differences, but I learned a lot of lessons from her and I'm so grateful that she was willing to try and help me learn what I needed too, I just hope I did the same for her! Sister Payne has been one of the dearest, closest friends I've ever had, which is pretty nuts when I've only know her for 6 weeks haha but she has really taught me the meaning of hard work and being tireless in our work as missionaries, and having fun at the same time!! I love her so much and will miss her until I see her again :)

Alright, I gotta head out for now! I love you all and can't wait to update you on my new companions and new area next week! Have a wonderful week!
Remember that we can have access to the 3 most loving and powerful beings at any moment. We pray and can talk with and recieve blessings from Heavenly Father. We repent and we let Christ into our lives so that we can become more like Him, and as we obey the commandments and do all we can to live the gospel, we allow the Holy Ghost to be with us and comfort and bless us :)
Be happy! Live, Laugh and Love with all that you have :)
LOVE YOU ALL!!! xoxoxoxo

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