Friday, May 3, 2013

Short detour to Disneyworld!

We got to talk to Larissa last night for exactly 5 minutes so that she could tell us that she's been assigned to serve for a short time in the Orlando Florida mission while she waits for her Visa to be approved by Argentina.  A stateside temp re-assignment has been routine for most missionaries assigned to Argentina over the past few weeks. The government simply isn't approving the Visa's as quickly as these kids have been called to serve there...  So, this will be a fun and unexpected side trip adventure!  3 of the 4 sisters in her district were assigned to Orlando, but her companion, Hermana Tolman, is going to Tempe, Arizona.

She leaves Monday morning at 4:00am!

It was sure great to talk to her for a few minutes. Taysa was kind of tongue tied during the call, but then devastated when it was over so fast because she "didn't get to say what she wanted to say," (which was to talk about our baby kitties).  She will get to call again from the airport Monday morning. The airport phone call is pretty standard with missions, like anytime they are flying somewhere they get to call home first.  She'll also get to call on MOTHER'S DAY!!  :)

She is not sure if she will leave for Argentina as soon as the Visa comes through, or if she will be in Orlando for an entire transfer period, which would be 6 weeks.  Quite the change with wardrobe expectations when she was planning on winter in Argentina to summer in Florida!  :)
Hahaha  :)

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