Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The 2 Month Milestone!

Hello Everyone :)
I love you all sooo much! I hope everything is going good and you've had a great week :) It's been a pretty good week here in Florida! It's getting hotter and hotter every single day haha which is taking a lot of getting used to being on the verge of sweating constantly even when I'm inside haha but it's alright.

The work has been going great! M is getting baptized on Saturday and I am SOO excited for him! He has just been so prepared for this and I'm so glad I got to be a part of helping him discover his purpose in life. Since he started meeting with us he has grown so much, and pretty much everyday he texts us and tells us something that God did to answer his prayers :) He got a job that he loves out of no where, he's been doing a 2 week CNA program which is super intense and he's been able to pass everything he's needed to, and much more, but it really has made ME more grateful for all the blessings that I have in my life :)

Mr. C, who I might have mentioned lost his mom... commited to live the Word of Wisdom and has been doing well with it! He's kinda hard to gauge... but since he's stopped drinking I've seen his countenance change 360 degrees!! It's INCREDIBLE!! I think he really is prepared to change his life and hopefully as he keeps trying to read and pray he'll start to gain a real testimony of this stuff :)
Ok, cool story, we were tracting last Sunday and came across a dad and his daughter playing darts and as we asked if we could share a message he brought out his WHOLE family to listen to what we had to say. We prayed with them and gave them a BoM, but yesterday we had a return appointment and they had us over for dinner and the whole shabang! The mom, made this incredible grilled chicken with squash and mashed potatoes, hands down one of the best meals I've had so far (all of it is SOOO good!) but the best part was we taught the Restoration, and we really had the feeling that we needed to put emphasis on how the gospel blesses families and we talked about how families could be together forever and they thought that was incredible! They had honestly never even thought of it. . .so they wanted a whole lesson on the temples and sealing and all of that haha they were like "next time we can sit in the hot tub and drink slushies and you can tell us al about it" haha it was funny. they are such an awesome family and I really am excited to see what this gospel can do for their life :)

Let's see. . .I could talk about everyone haha but I just don't have time. We had a lot of unexpected stuff come up last week. Poor Sister Mevs got sick one day so Sister Payne and I spent the day watching "Together Forever" from like the 80's and eating skittles haha it was so fun and I really adore Sister Payne. We're gonna be friends for a LONG time :) I also had a new missionary meeting in Orlando on Friday where I gotta see Hermana Harrison and all that stuff! It was a good time :) Uhhh. . .other stuff I wanted to tell you about was just funny haha Like the fact that Sister Payne is in love with Scotty McCreery :) and really they would be so adorable together haha and M thinks I'm the really life Hermione Granger which pretty much made my entire life :D 

Haha oh and we had a maintience guy come over and we have a white board with all of our investigators, potentails, less actives, part memebers, all those things and I realized. . .no WONDER people think we're a cult haha we've got a white board with a bunch of people we want to be members and a big map with where they live and all that haha Of course we're not, it's just so we can remeber everything. . .but still, I thought it was super funny.

Oh, something not so funny. Aaron told me about how he needed to clean the fridge out in Nampa cuz it was so full of stuff missionaries wouldn't throw away because they didn't buy it and I DEFINITELY get it now. Our fridge/freezer was nasty haha and for some really weird reason Sister Mevs was protective of it all and wouldn't let me throw the gross stuff away, so i had to do some convincing but I got her there eventually haha

Oh! Also, I was walking to our car and this random guy starts running after me screaming "Rhonda!" and of course, it's pretty normal that someone might call me that haha so i turned around and waited for him to get closer but then he was like "Are you Rhonda?" and I was like "No. . .but my mom is." and he was like "Oh, nevermind. .." haha he was like 50 ft away or more but anyway, it was just funny cuz I have been mistaken for Rhonda before :) <3

Welp. . .I think that's all for the week! I got a general conference issue of the Ensign I've been re-reading and if you haven't done that yet I'd DEFINITELY suggest you do it :) I've really been thinking about/working on Elder Hollands talk alot, becasue out here that's really all that matters, I gotta have confidience in the belief I DO have and let that little belief shine out of me as bright as I can let it :) So do that ok?? Let your light shine to everyone so they can't help but smile when they see you :) I love you all SOOO much and I hope you have an awesome awesome week :)

 LOVE YOU!! xoxoxo

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  1. Haha yes you are Hermione's twin! I've been sayin it for like 12 years or something now. :) Really enjoying get caught up on your blog and reading how you're doing so well! What a great experience. :)