Monday, June 3, 2013

Howdy! Howdy! :)

Hello Everyone!!

Well, it's been another crazy good week here in the FOM! It is getting CRAZY hot though haha my Colorado sweat glands are not used to this stuff haha I was pouring rivers out of my today and I swore everywhere I stand a puddle is just going to form under me from how much I sweat haha but it is just so gorgeous and wonderful here it doesn't end up mattering to much that I always feel disgusting haha 

oh my heck I only have 20 minutes left. I don't dig this whole one hour time constraint but I'm trying to deal haha 

Ok for my week. . .
We ended up not being able to do the baptism this week. Poor guy... I ended up crying in front of him which I felt so dumb about. . .I just want the kid to be happy... he's reset his date for the end of the month so we'll see what happens! Mr. C is another one we've been working with a lot... hope it's all gonna be worked out for him by next week sometime. AND... we have a new investigator!  She's going to college here at the community college and apparently we convinced her to do it because we told her that since she is a daughter of God she has all the potentail in the world to do whatever she wants :) But we went back to teach her the Restoration on. . .Friday I think it was? But anyway it was SUCH a good lesson! Sister Payne told her the first vision (I really need to memorize that in english now haha) but she was like whoa I got the goose bumps and loved hearing all about how the gospel blesses families :) oh she's like 20. Anyway, then we asked her what it would mean to her if this really was Christ's gospel and she answered that it would mean a lot but she wasn't sure how to put it into words, so then she asked each of us how we felt about it, so we bore our testimonies about how it's blessed our lives and after she was like "I know that everything you said is true and I know this could make me happy!" I extended my FIRST baptismal invitation and she accepted! We're going to see her tonight so I'm SUPER excited about that :) 

We haven't seen the hot tub family again yet. . .hopefully we'll have dinner with them tomorrow! Oh, so I can't remember if I told you about Sister Schaffer but her family are the one who had us over on Mother's Day and ever since then she has just been my mom away from my mom <3 She drives us places when we need it and she opens missionary doors for us ALL OVER THE PLACE and it is just awesome! We took one of the guys from the Vet home over to her house for dinner (... he's telling us all he's deploying for Siria, but the man is like 70 and has no teeth haha sooo he's sweet but... haha) but it was just so great. Her family was great to him and helped him feel loved and I know his testimony of a loving Heavenly Father grew because of their kindness.

Ok I gotta go time's up. I love you all so much! I'm doing fantastic and loving the work! Thank you so much for all the love and support and prayers. 

I'm sorry I can't thank everyone individually, I will someday!! 

I am so grateful to all the support given to missionaries. This really is the rolling forth of the Kingdom before our Savior is going to return :) believe that and spread the gospel in all you do ok?! 

EVERYONE needs to hear this message and know that Christ lives and they have a loving Father in Heaven!! 

I love you all so much! Have a fantastic week :) HUGS!!

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