Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Finally - a Trip to the Beach!! :)

I'm a beach babe now!!
Haha just jokes everyone!! :)

I DID get to go to the beach this morning though and it was sooo awesome! We had to get up at 4:30 so we could get to the beach around 5:30 then we could watch the sunrise and play around until people started showing up then we had to leave but it was still such an awesome time! Then we played beach volleyball afterward and that was great too :) and we went to Denny's haha it has just been a really great p-day!
The District in the FOM (Florida Orlando Mission)
Sister Payne & Riss
Sister Payne, Sister Mevs, & Riss
As for the rest of my week. . .it was good. A bit slower than usual, I think that's because of summer and everyone is just getting busy so it's harder to have set appointments. M is doing great! He just started a job and is finishing up his nursing stuff! Apparently he got a job offer today at his first day of clinicals! Pretty darn sweet :) He is being strong and battling out his stuff too! He is so super dedicated and just awesome in general!

We also saw the Rivera family again this week and I just LOVE them! They had us over for dinner and then bought us pipping hot Krispy Kream(sp haha) Donuts the next morning for National Doughnut Day so that was pretty neat :) They loved the Plan of Salvation and a lot of the doctorines in general so that's pretty cool. They love how it can strengthen their family too. It's just great to see their love of Christ and how what we are teaching makes so much sense to them :) They went to the Bahamas for the week so I'm pretty jealous of that haha

We spent quite a bit of time with a member Victor this week. He's super into gardening so we helped him make some beds 

and then he got some fresh oysters he wanted us to try! I gotta tell you, I thought I liked them but they are pretty dang gross straight out of the shell with no pickling or anything haha

He also gave us some papaya which I had never tried before oh and some crazy chinese fruit haha it's pretty cool stuff.

Sorry, that's about it! I need to be more exciting, but I think I'm gonna take the little time I've got left and send some pictures! One more week and we are getting transfers next week! They are opening up 9 new areas here I think is what President said! It's gonna be crazy but I'm way excited. I hope I stay put haha I think Sister Mevs is gonna be heading out and opening up an area! But who knows. . .Sister Payne is super awesome so she might leave too. . .we'll just have to see! I'm still loving every minute and feel SO blessed to be a missionary.

I love this work so much and I'm already SO much better a person for being out here. Thank you all for the prayers and for loving me and getting me to this point! I miss you all like crazy but I know this is gonna fly and it's so worth bringing others so much happiness :)

Have an awesome week everyone! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! :) <3

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