Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sharing the Light in Sherwood Forest

Well heya erey body!!! :D

How are yall?! I'm doing fantastic :) My hair and face are loving the humidity (I do sweat like 24/7 though haha) and the work is just the best. I told mom a little about the work I've been doing out here! I mostly tract and teach in a neighborhood called Sherwood and it is the COOLEST thing! It's like Sherwood Forest on Robin Hood haha so all the street names are like Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Nottingham, ect. It's soooo awesome haha And all the people that I teach there REALLY need the gospel. K is our strongest investigator right now, but he's on house arrest cuz he had too many traffic violations so he can't come to church, but he LOVES the Book and really loves that it just adds on the the truths in the bible. M is out next investigator with a baptismal date. He is like the funnest most happy guy! He's always got a huge smile and I told mom but when he was describing the feeling of the spirit to us the first time he said "my heart is beating like a million miles a minute and I think I have a fever. . ." Haha it was the COOLEST thing. I love how excited our investigators get when they realize what the Holy Ghost is. He has some hang ups with the Word of Wisdom and just that it's such a huge change in life style but I guess he really wants to go to BYU-I since that's where Sister Payne and Sister Mevs went before there mission.

Oh I'll tell you about my comps in a minute. . .
With Sister Payne and Sister Mevs
but our last investigator with a baptismal date is C and he is super quiet and doesn't talk a whole lot but when he does it's pretty deep and meaningful. Last time we met with him he was really excited about the Atonement and was amazed that it could help him overcome not only his sins but how he feels lonely and hurt too, which made me feel so humbled. How hard would it to live life without that knowledge? I think pretty dang hard. . .he was going to come to church yesterday but I guess he slept in darn it. Next week! Haha that brings me to V, who is a recent convert and he is just the coolest guy! He is super into the gospel and he just totally tries to live it as best as he knows how which is so cool. He had to completely turn his life around and lost a lot of his friends in the process. . .he is a true testimony of what it means to really have faith. Except for this one thing haha he's convinced weed is not bad for you or addictive and it's only against the word of wisdom because it's on the "illegal drugs" list here, but in somewhere like Colorado it wouldn't be against it because it's legalized. . . Thoughts?? haha I was pretty blown away by that reasoning, I just figured it was addictive (and I'm pretty sure it is. . .) but all that's straight up listed is tabacco. . .anyway I thought I'd throw that out to the public haha

My companions are soooo awesome! Oh, I guess I haven't mentioned but I'm currently teaching in English. I talked to a few Spanish speakers in the ward yesterday and they mostly corrected me on my horrible grammar haha and my comps had tracted a lady who only spoke spanish so they couldn't understand each other, but she seemed super nice and gave them juice, so we went back so I could try to talk to her. She was busy with her grandkiddos so I just said a prayer in Spanish with her, and that was pretty cool :) I'm doing my best to keep the spanish but I feel it fading quickly. . .I suppose Heavenly Father knows I will be able to pick it up again when the time comes! Anyway, back to my comps. . .Sister Mevs is my trainer and she is super sweet. She's very quiet but has a huge testimony and isn't afraid to share the gospel with ANYONE! She is only on her third transfer so we are all pretty darn new to the mish. . .oh Sister Payne is only on her 2nd transfer so yeah haha but i LOVE LOVE LOVE Sister Payne :) She is a lot lot like me. We are pretty much always on the same page in lessons/contacts. But she is WAY more focused than me lol she is always keeping me and Sister Mevs moving and always knows where we are at and is just on top of things haha

I forgot my camera today darn it so I'm gonna have to skip the pictures again :/ I'm sorry! I also wrote a list of stuff I wanted to tell you and I forgot that too. . .I'm a space cadet now that I'm a missionary (I believe you now Aaron haha) :) But I'll remember next week I promise :)
Pres. and Sister Hall
Well, I can't think of anything else! I'm loving the work! The food the members make is amazing! My ward is SOOO cool! I've had several doors slammed in my face too so I feel like an official missionary for sure :) Well, I love you all soooo much! Enjoy sumer and no school while it lasts :D I feel like it's going to go ridiculously fast haha I'm praying for all of you and every prayer you send my way helps SOOO much!! Have an awesome week everyone :) Keep Drake away from that floor haha LOVE YOU!!! :) <3

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