Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Real Missionary!

I made it to good ole sunny FLORIDA!!!
With Pres & Sister Hall
Hello my dearly beloved!! :)

Haha oh my heck I love you all so much!

My flights were great and on my second flight I got to sit next to a man named Shane who was
baptized but fell away from the church and I wasn't as bold as I probably should have been but I talked to him about eternal families and some other things and just tried to help him feel how much this gospel has blessed me!! It was a pretty neat experience! Once I got here we went to the Church to eat dinner (my first and only real meal today haha thanks for the Payday mom it came in handy!)
9 "visa waiters" in Orlando, waiting to go to Argentina & Brazil
We introduced ourselves and hear a little from President Hall (oh my word I already love President and Sister Hall soooo much!) and then we headed back to the mission home, where I am staying tonight! I have an orientation in the morning and then I'll be assigned a companion!!
New missionary arrivals to Orlando - May 6th, 2013
I'm still not sure about the whole speaking Spanish thing, it sounds like I'll get to but they only have one spanish speaking Sister here right now soooo. . .yep!!

I'll get to call for Mothers Day sometime on Sunday so look out for that! :) Then I think p-day will be Monday!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Have such a great week and I love you ALLLL!! :D

This gospel is true and I'm a REAL MISSIONARY NOW!!! Crazy :)

Ok, I love you!!! HUGS!!!!

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