Monday, October 21, 2013

What a week!!

I find myself writting and thinking that phrase a lot more than ever before in my life. What a day. What a lesson. What a week. What a testimony. But yeah. . .this week truly has been THE what a week of my mission so far. I felt every emotion and experienced some of the funnest of times and lowest of times. But yeah haha I guess I got a new week ahead of me so I´m gonna do all I can to just put my Faith in my Heavenly Father and Savior to get me through this one. I don´t have p-day today cuz we are having transfers on Wednesday - normally they are on Sunday-Monday so that we don´t take time out of working to travel and things, but they let us write today.) so it's going to be a really weird week for me.

I also recieved a call from Hermana Vincent that she is going home cuz she broke her back. she can still walk, which is apparently a MIRACLE! She just had a little pain in her back (so she says) and then she went to the doctor and her column was literally broken. So please pray for her! 

Other random things from the week, I saved the life of a puppy! We were eating lunch at a members house and they had this cute little 2 week old puppies out in therçir back yard and I for some reason was watching one that had kinda started to drift away and I turned back to say something and then when I looked back out at the puppy it had fallin into this hole of muddy water face first and was flayling trying to get out, frantically trying to translate in my head how to say this I stood up and pointed and don´t really remember what I said but the family turned and were like "Oh yeah, we have puppies, cute huh" and I was like "NO UNO ESTA EN UN POSO Y CREO QUE ESTA MURIENDO!" haha you no me and animals, I was desperate so I kinda yelled haha but that got there attention and they ran out and got it out like just in time, the poor thing. . .but they told me they are gonna name it Conger haha so that was nuts. 
Also, the other Hermanas are super into cooking, and the other night they were making Dinner and apparently one of them forgot what they were doing because she poured water into hot oil and WOW. I have never seen such a big flame in the house in my life. I literally thought the house was gonna burn down with all of us inside. But the brave Hermana Harris ran over and grabbed the pan and took it off the flame and in two seconds the flame fell. And apparently it´s amazing she didn´t get some type of burn. . .but she definitely saved the day, yup, she´s the Batman of the house :) 
Also, the mosquitos here are AWFUL! I thought Florida was bad haha but it was NOTHING like here. BUt, I believe I´m protecting myself better here haha alright, that´s all I have time for. I know for me this week it´s going to be a lot about being will to trust in my Heavenly Father and Savior to get me through it and to help me find answers to my questions that I have. So I´m going to be really concentrated in doing that, prayers would be great and you can be positive I´m always sending my prayers and love your way. 
I love you all so much and I love my Savior and am so grateful for this gospel that gives us the answers we need to have peace in this life <3 Have a great week ok?! I´m gonna do my best to do so :) 
Your Larissa

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