Monday, October 28, 2013

I'm a Mommy!!!!

Hahaha this is kinda funny cuz my mom sent me updates about some of my friends that are pregnant. . .but yeah! In missionary terms I'm now a mom :) Haha I got my first daughter (I´m training her) on Friday and she is so great! Hna. Boyce is her name and she was only in the MTC for 5 weeks before she got shipped out here! Apparently there was a glitch in the computer system about who needed to go to the MTC and yeah, that´s why she was only there for 5 weeks! 
She has an amazingly positive attitude and helps me remember why I love being here in the mission :) It's also been a huge blessing because for some reason until I recieved her and have this opportunity to help her get accustomed to missionary life and the Argentine culture, I´ve realized how much Spanish I really can speak and how I am so used to Argentina I´ve stopped noticing how different it is (haha yeah, that´s why my facts about Argentina have gone way downhill cuz I can´t remember things that you all would think were wierd because Í´m USED to them now!) So that´s been kinda crazy and a real blessing to help me see how much I´ve grown in this short period of time (also crazy to think I´ve been away for 7 months now. . .huh??) 

We had the trio thing going on until this morning when Hna Harris finally headed to the mission office to head home. That was a sureal experience to be apart of someone leaving the mission to go home, while I don´t think I´ll be the sameway she was, I know that this time of my life, this people, and this work I get to be a part of right now is a once in a life time experience that I can´t ever take for granted. So, I´m going to so do all I can to make the most of EVERY minute I have here :) I´m pretty nervous about the fact that I´m training. . .the truth is, my other two companions wanted to help me ease into teaching, but I guess I like never really eased in, I asked questions and bore my testimony a lot while they did most of the teaching, so it might be a rough ride in the begining for us and our investigators as I figure out how to teach and lead a lesson. . .I´m trying to stay as confident as possible for my little hija (which actually she´s like 5'9 so she´s a lot taller than me haha) cuz it would be more stressful for her if I didn´t seem like I knew what I was doing, so I´m going to act my heart out (thanks Ms. Mann for the help in this deptartment!) haha so yeah, I look forward to letting you know how next week goes! It was interesting having 5 girls in our tiny little apartment haha but luckily we´re gonna get back adjusted to not being SO ridiculously crowded ALL the time. 

Nothing too crazy happened this week. . .I could fill you in on some of the people we´re teaching! I´m not sure if I told you all about one girl who is 20 and has 2 kids and was Envangelist but hasn´t been to church in a long time. She´s funny cuz she thinks she already knows everything, which she knows a TON and has a crazy amount of Faith, but it makes it kinda hard to talk to her cuz she always wants to talk over me and I´m not sure how to stand my ground in that sense against a native speaker, so I´ll have to figure that out haha We´re gonna try to get her to church this week, and as soon as we can get her to church I think she´ll start progressing a little quicker :) We´re also teaching one of the nieghbors/friends of Mariela and Rocio, his name is Marcelo and he accepted a baptism date in our first visit! So I´m really excited to be able to teach him with the amazing help of Mariela and Rocio :) 

Um, those are our two most consistent and right now, we also had an amazing lesson list night with a woman named Alisia who had listened to the missionaries before but hasn´t ever been able to come to church cuz she has some fears of places with a lot of people, so we´re gonna work with her to overcome that! I´m so excited to get to working with Hermana Boyce, we are going to help so many people and have some fun doing it :) 

I love you all so much! Oh, side note, if for Christmas you could save any money you were thinking about using for sending me things and packages just leave it as money and put it in my account so I can buy things here in Argentina that would be AWESOME! I would just love a hand written letter from as many people as are able to write me :) I can´t believe Christmas is just around the corner!!! CRAZY!!! 

MUCH!! Have an amazing week :) 

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