Monday, November 4, 2013

Help from on High!! :)

Wow! This amazing ride just continues to get crazier and more amazing the more I´m here :)
We actually didn´t get out a whole ton this week because my poor companion has major allergies to the air here and her head feels like it´s going to explode, I think she´s doing a little better now, but the poor girl is just having a rough time. Please send some prayers Hna. Boyce´s way if you could. It´s hard enough being a new missionary, but add a foreign country, language, and being super sick on top of that, she´s having a hard time loving it here.
just a joke!  :)
I feel so blessed that I had my time in Florida to adjust to mission life before I was just thrown out into Argentina, just proves she´s a strong one! Despite all that´s happening I know she´s trying her best to look at the bright side. It´s also been hard for her that she can´t contribute a lot to the lessons, but this has really been where the miracles of the week were for me! I´ve seen help from my Heavenly father in EVERY part of the work when we were able to go out, especially in my ability to teach what people need and that has been amazing. I know I have a Heavenly Father that loves me and is looking out for me and especially all the people I care about!
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I´m praying for all of you! Sorry this one is kinda short this week, I´ll get you all a longer one next week! (haha after all this time - only having an hour still kills me :/) Haha oh and maybe I´ll start up the things that are different about Argentina list again because having a comp brand new from the States has made me realize some things I forgot, I´m just like used to life here I guess! haha
I love you all so very much. Have an AWESOME week!!
Love, Larissa :) <3

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