Monday, November 25, 2013

It's another holiday!

Sorry everyone!  It´s been a crazy morning! It´s a Holiday here (practically every Monday in Argentina haha) but everything is closed. I had a great week, but I´m gonna take advantage of this members computer and get you some pictures!! I´m doing great and having a blast.
My comp and I have had a few head butts this week, but it was good we talked it out haha One was because she can´t handle when i blow my nose (I was sick again this week, but I worked through it!!)outside of the bathroom (I go in there and close the door now haha I decided not to tell her about the farmers blow) ;) haha but yeah, it´s cool though that we are just completely different people and learning how to serve the Lord the best we can together. It´s also super stressful not being able to communicate how you want and not express yourself the way you want either, but we are practicing and working hard to get her there!
I´m loving White. Our investigators are doing good, especially F, she needs to show a little more commitment, I´m praying she´ll get herself to her baptism interview by herself this week, cuz if not I think we´ll have to wait till next Saturday, but we´ll see. She wants to follow God and Christ so we just gotta help her understand what´s important! It´s very possible that I´ll be in a different area next Monday. so I´m gonna give all my heart to White this week!! :)

Ok pictures, I love you all so much!! Have a great week ok!!
This is Tigra. . .I dunno if I´ve talked about her but she´s great :) She´s just a Street dog but she makes my day and is a great source of conversation when we´re knocking doors haha 
in the kitchen  :)

a while back with Hermana Vincent and new member!

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