Sunday, December 1, 2013

"her nice smile illuminates the quarter"

ALERT!  Post from Mom/Rhonda:
Veronica is a member in Argentina. She has let the girls come to her home and use the computer, and probably all sorts of other things to help them. I'm touched that she went to the trouble to send this message in English!
I LOVE how Veronica says: "her nice smile illuminates the quarter"
Goodness I miss that smile!!  ♥

Here is another one from a friend in Argentina, posted back in August:
Translation:  "MOM's sister conger: I am writing to thank you for the beautiful person q has raised the word of God, she brought to my house here in Argentina we are caring for her. I hope q to read this message. Best regards"

And one more from a friend in Florida back in June:

♥ Yes that Rissy girl is a special kid alright.  I'm so grateful for her. ♥

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