Monday, December 9, 2013

Regocijad! Jesus Nacio :)

Hello Familia!!
HOw are you all doing?! I¨m so sorry I haven´t sent a long good detailed e-mail in awhile. Sometimes I get lost in this lçworld I¨m living in and feel like everything before was just a dream . .it freaks me out sometimes, but I guess it´s just the way it´s gotta be for now!! I didn´t really directly tell you I´m still serving in White! I realized this week I will have been here for longer than an entire semester of school!! Haha it´s gone WAY faster than I ever thought school went. . .but at the same time I´ve been here SO flippin long haha I was kinda looking forward to a change in scene, but I know this is where Heavenly Father needs me to be right now :) But, Heavenly Father musta known I was getting in a little bit of a funk cuz I went on Divisions this week to another area in my District called Punta Alta! It is WAY pretty there and there are fruit trees that you can pick the fruit right off and eat it on the spot haha the black berries were SO good! BUT, we walked like 15 miles in one day I think and we knocked SO many doors and the people were just cold. .
.it made me super grateful for my White where the people are nice and at least hear us out before they tell us they aren´t interested at the moment. 
White to Punta Alta
It was also nice cuz my Hija got an opportunity to see that she can communicate well (we were both with a native comp) which has given her a little more confidence and we are having SO much more fun now and learning and teaching a TON! I think I told you all about Flor. . .I love that girl so much. We planned her baptism for last Sunday. . .and she told us she wanted to go to church by herself (she lives close so we sould go so we could walk with her, but everytime we ended up having to wake her up. . .) And she wanted to be sure she could get herself to church by herself. So, we set and alarm, got all the clothes ready, and she was just so excited. But the next day. ..we were waiting for her, she didn´t show up at the time we planned, so we went by to see what was up, and she was sleeping. I was so heartbroken. We went by later and she just told us that we´ve done all we can do and now she has to decide for herself to live it. . .which is so so true but it just broke my heart because she has a testimony but she is letting Satan make her beliee it´s easier in the world. She knows that´s wrong, but still. . .so I cried for her a little bit, but I have so much hope and faith that she WILL choose the path for happiness her Heavenly Father has prepared for her. All we can do now is pray for her and be here when she´s ready <3 
We´ve found a couple REALLY amazing people to teach here. One is the friend of a member who is very Evangelist and loves her church, but we watched the Restoration with her and she loved how Joseph Smith is just like us and he just had to ask our Father, and she told us she´s going to read and pray, so we´re excited to go back and she her! Also we are teaching this super funny and sweet older couple who are living together because both of their spouses past away. They both love that we talk all about God and Jesus Chirst and Nelly (Carlos is her boyfriend) told us she knows the Book of Mormon is true. Now we just gotta break it to her that she needs to get married and that maybe she could drink some juice instead of wine :) But we´ll see how it goes!
Like I said, Hna Boyce and I are just having a really good time trying to give all we have to this work. It´s hard for both of us being away from all of you at this time of year. . .but I´m excited get to talk to you soon!!! I´ll have more details about how thats going to work next week. . .we´re singing in a missionary choir! We´ve been practicing a ton and we sound pretty darn good :) I´ll have to take my recorder and record us singing :) I´m loving the mission guys. It´s great :) I´ve got my ups and my downs but that´s life right?? We just have to put our trust in our Father in Heaven and in our big brother Jesus Christ that they truly can get us through everything. 
I read a talk this morning about putting Childlike faith in that knowledge because we often talk ourselves into thinking we are unworthy or less than we are, Satan literally uses these things as tools to drag down even the most righteous of people. Nephi is a prime example. I can´t remember the reference right now but I love when he´s despairing because of his carnal desires and then he tells he´s told to wake up and get over it and to rejoice in Heavenly Father and the Savior :) We´ve just gotta do that sometimes!! Remind ourselves of all the potenatial we have and that we can do anything with their help. We won´t be perfect, but we´ll be very very happy!!

Alright! I love you all so much but I gotta go!! 
Lot´s of Love

Larissa xoxoxo

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