Monday, January 6, 2014

Feliz. . . .TODO!! Haha Yeah, it's been awhile!

Well! I was on for a few minutes this morning but then the internet stopped working so we went to a different place and all the internet in White was out apparently haha but we're up and running now! and it saved a few sentences of the novel I wrote this morning haha so I'll try and get a good long e-mail written :) 
(here begins update from this morning haha) 
I know I'm a looser and I haven't written for awhile! Sorry I'm becoming a stranger!! Don't want that!!! So, I'm gonna give you some update on my Argentina life :) First of all, all this celebrating they do down here is wild haha WAY to wild for this time of year in my opinon. Fireworks all over the place and really loud noises haha also the members here are funny cuz they bring in the new year with sparkling juice like we have, but they also have BEER but without alcohol. . .yeah I tried it. It was NASTY haha so, I think I've officailly ruled out ever drinking ;) It has been a crazy but good couple of weeks. 

My companion has been battling with her body, but this week we were able to get out and are working hard. (End of update from this morning haha) But yeah, seeing as how this could be my last wek in good ole White I'm gonna give it all I've got! We've got such amazing people we're talking too, they all have such great faith in Jesus Christ <3 Oh other crazy random things these argentinans do with their fiesta time is we ate (with the Familia Antunez, this picture I attached) lechon, which is Pig cooked on a spit haha I tried sending the picture this morning but it didn't work haha sorry, you'll see it some day! Also, I tried pig intestine! I'll save the juicy details for when I can tell it in person, but lets just say I'm not a fan haha. Something else kinda cool they do at this time of year is "los Reyes Magos" or the wise men, come and bring girfts of candy haha it's like a parade and then if they are good they get something from the reyes the next morning too. I dunno, I think it might be something I'll have to do with my kiddos (whatcha think babe?? ;) so yeah, that was cool to see. 

Some other random high lights, this week our District came and worked in White, which is 4 other companionships, and that was way fun haha all of them loved the members that they met and the spirit was so strong with so many missionaries in such a small place :) it was way cool. Oh other note on of the other hermanas who I was living with had to go home for health problems and they sent the other one to be in a trio in a different area, so it's just me and Hna Boyce. It's nice having space and air to breath again haha it's so much cooler there as well so that's great too, but I do miss my Peruanas. I don´t think I talked a lot about them but I needed them these past couple transfers and being there for Hna Carpio (the one who ended up needing to go home) gave me an up close look at what my Aaron had to go through, so I was grateful I could be there for her <3 
The District 
La Familia
The Zone
welp, I know there's other things to update you all on but I can't remember. I'm doing good at writting in my journal and in all of my planners I write things that happened that day so that when I get home I'll have helpers when I tell you all the crazy things I've been up to down here! I've been thinking a lot and reading a lot about Faith and it really is so fundamental here in this life. 
Faith is hard. It's not easy to put our confidence in things we can't see, and have no physical proof, out side of scriptures and the feelsçings we recieve from the spirit, but our faith is what HAS to be strong and carry us through the times when it feels like we can't so any more. I read a talk this morning that talked about victims of an earthquakeand how the church was prepared to help the people when the time was needed, and that our testimony if the same. We have to build our faith by keeping the commandments and living the principles of the gospel so that when the time comes our faith is ready to take on the challenge that Heavenly Father knows we're prepared to face in order to help us grow. 
I hope I make at least a little sense, but I feel so blessed because I have this time where things that are hard are thrown at me almost every single day and I know that things that are MUCH harder are coming later in life. . .this time now that I'm learning to do the Lord's will even when I really don't want to, are helping me see that it's ALWAYS the best option. Even though maybe it hurts sometimes, in the end, He will make everything work out for the best for us. I am so grateful to be gaining a testimony of that truth right now <3 Thank you all so much for your prayers, letters and support :) I can't believe how many friends and family that I have looking out for me and thinking about me. I am so truly blessed and I am LOVING my time here in Argentina :) Yeah, it's hard, but it's SO worth it :) Vale la pena, como dicimos acá :) 

Have a great week everyone! I love you so much!!!


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