Monday, January 13, 2014

Round 5 in White! :)

Haha yep! Here we go again!! I can't believe I will have been here in Argentina for 6 months in just a little over a week. . .and all in this tiny little place we call White haha but it's ok. I love the people and it'll be much easier to comunicate with all my friends here if they are all in one place! Everyone was really happy that I didn't head out haha even though I was feeling ready for a change, but me and Hermana Boyce are gonna change somethings up and have fun!

We got to work a day in Bahia so that was a fun change of pace! We meet a lot of nice people, but we also got a whole lot more doors slammed in our face haha but it was a good time! Also, the Zone Leaders came out and worked in White for a day and they found a bunch of people! I feel bad cuz most of them don't wanna talk to us, they mighta been the type that just like Elders haha but they also vistited one of our investigators Maria, whose been coming to church a lot, and set a baptism date with her! That was cool :) We've got some work to do to get her ready but I'm so happy she's wanting to take this step now!!

I also gave my first talk in church yesterday haha that was fun! I was all stuffed up and was afriad I was gonna just cough the whole time but I didn't and it went well! Hna Boyce also spoke and did SO well! Sometimes it seems like she's been here longer than me the way that girl is picking up the language :) I spoke on a talk given in the last Conference by Elder Dyches I believe is his name about how we can be purified through Faith in Christ.

I think I've mentioned it a whole lot more times than once that I learn more and more about realy faith every single day out here! I'm grateful I'm having all these crazy experiences and missing all of you so much and I have to use my faith every day. I know when all this is said and done if I just keep working hard and trying to convert myself to Christ, I'm gonna be ready for the crazy beautiful path of life my Heavenly Fathers got prepared for me :)

Welp, that's it for today!! Hope you all have a fantastic week!
Love you all so much!!

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