Monday, January 27, 2014

Time Flies When You're Havin' Fun!

Aint that the truth?!  :) 

Seriously, this week has just a flown by and me and Hna Boyce and loving the work and Argentina. Yeah it gets frustrating, but how can we be down when we are douing the work of the Lord all day every single day and we see MIRACLES every single day :) I should be better about telling you all the little things that happen throughout my weeks, but I AM writting a lot of things down. I write down 3 miracles everyday and I can't wait to go through all my planners and journal and tell you all about them.

We've been working really hard this week to find the people here who are prepared, and after knocking these doors for 6 months I have my moments where I feel like "ok I've knocked this door at least twice and I'm pretty positive both times it got shut in my face. . ." but Hermana Boyce just keeps reminding me that there is a reason we're here in White right now and that we have to knock door in the ridiculously hot sunshine when everyone is sleeping, which I need ♥ We've been so darn happy this week and we've had SO many people STOP us in the street to ask us who we are and what we do because we are finally together radiating the light of this gospel and it truly is the most happy feeling I've ever had in my life. (Falling in love was pretty darn happy times too, but this type of happiness is different and we all know that ♥) :)
I'm so grateful that I'm learning that when we put complete trust and faith in Heavenly Father and His plan for our lives and don't doubt it, even for one second, that's when the real happiness is able to illuminate our lives completely and fully ♥ It's hard sometime to sacrifice what we think is best, what we want, or what seems to be the right path for something that difficult and hard to face, but Heavenly Father knows what will makes us grow so that we can experience the happiness that lies within His gospel and plan. The most simple way to to stop thining about ourselves. Mom is an incredible example of this and I know it's a principle she lives by and always taught me it's what I've gotta do to be happy :) 

Alright I've gotta get going!! You all have a BEAUTIFUL week and smile and laugh and serve our Heavenly Father :)

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