Monday, February 24, 2014

VILLA FLORESTA!! y Latinas :)

Haha yep! I'm no longer in mi querida area White :( but it's in really good hands, so i'm not worried, just know I'm gonna miss it a whole lot! It's all I've ever known of the mission here, and really right now i just feel like I'm on companion exchanges or something. . .but I feel like come wednesday or thursday I'll have a good cry, i already let my companion know and she assured me she'll have some ice cream waiting for me :) Her name is Hermana Martinez! She's from Honduras and has 9 months in the mission, but just 3 here in Argentina. She served 6 in Honduras and the change was hard she said , but she's a real hard worker and I know we're gonna get a lot of work done and grow a TON spiritually :) She's 19 too! But she turns 20 here in a couple weeks which will be fun :) We live with 2 other Hermanas (this apartment is a LOT bigger haha but still chiquito haha) Hermana Valenzuela (who lived with Hermana Vincent and Harris before so she knew me through them haha) who is from Chile and Hermana Zurita from Mexico :) I'M FINALLY GONNA LEARN HOW TO SPEAK SPANISH!! Haha obviously I know a little, but I'm excited I'll learn all the little words and stuff outside of just church vocabulary, and they are excited to learn a little english too :) They are all WAY nice and caring, as it's been proved to me here to be a very very correct stereo type of latin americans :) I'm super excited for this transfer, I feel like we're all gonna be super good friends and have a lot of fun! 
So, my area is called Villa Floresta, at this point I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean, but I'll figure it out before next week :) I'm in the same Stake that White is in so here in the next couple weeks at General Conference I'll hopefully be able to see everyone from there :) Since I'm in an area so close I didn't have the fun times in the terminal like I did waiting for Hna Harris, but I did get to go because Hna Boyce had to wait for her companion to get there and saw some of my mission buddies. Oh, i forgot to mention I'm the oldest missionary in our house and that is a WAY wierd feeling. . .makes me realize how short this time really is and I really do need to make sure I'm giving this amazing work my all every single minute. I read in Mark this morning Ch. 13 which is Christ talking about the second coming, and in the end he talks about how we need to WATCH! We can't relax or think it's ok to take a break for a day or two, NO. We have to always be pushing ourselves to be better, always on the brink of feeling like we are gonna break, but we won't because we've got the help of our older brother Jesus Christ <3 The things that are the most simple (pray, reading our scriptures, going to church, FHE) help us remember and stay watchful until He comes again <3 So, just keep doing the things God needs you to do and being wonderful and smiling and being the best you can every single day :) That's how we are truly happy :) I love you all sooo much! Hope you have a good week, and as of right now I don't know a lot about the area, so I'll be sure to write about that next week :) 
Hermana Conger. . .your Larissa :)

PS haha the boys asked me at Christmas what's the weirdest thing I've eaten and i didn't really have a good answer. . .well that was because I was just eating what I was given and didn't really ask a lot of questions! Haha found out one of the thing I eat is a sausage casing filled with blood and cooked up. . .it's actually really good haha I also had Kidneys yesterday, didn't think those were very good haha and. . .I think there was another one but I can't remember haha but there ya go :) 
LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! xoxoxoxo

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