Monday, March 3, 2014

Locura! :)

Or in other words Craziness :) but you all better enjoy this english stuff while you can cuz I'm probably gonna forget here soon! haha just kidding i don't think i'll ever forget. . .and my comps want to learn English. There's only been a couple times when i had something to say, like a phrase or something, in English and i couldn't cuz they didn't understand, but I'm always able to explain it, so that's good! It's been fun, and especailly since I have a pretty good handle on Spanish now so I can express myself and all that good stuff. It's funny being companions with a latina because all the houses we go to people just expect I don't know how to talk or what they are saying, but I just smile and start talking and then they look all surprised and it's a good feeling haha ( yeah I've gotta be careful of pride now) haha just kidding, but it's been cool, 
I LOVE our ward. It's an actual Ward, so there are a lot of members and they are all so great! We spent a lot of time giving service scraping paint off the walls of one of the members houses so they can paint. I think we did that when we first moved to our house in Hillrose cuz I had random flash backs remembering how much fun i thought it was to scrape paint haha We have a few investigators, but we knock doors a whole lot, which has been interesting haha I've meet a TON of people, a lot of who don't believe in God or have opinions about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter'day Saints that are way skewed. . .but I've enjoyed that we've been able to have conversations with these people and help some of them to at least think about a different point of view. It's a testimony that things and people really can change and we should always seek out learning and growing :) 
Our investigators are Rosa, Daiana and Karina with her son Rodrigo, I know them the best and they are so great! They've been to church 2 times and Karina already knows a lot about the gospel because of her sister or something like that. . .she wants to be baptized but her and her boyfriends aren't married, but we're working on that one! They are SUCH a cute family but the Dad works a lot so we don't get to see him much. I've only met the other two one time, but they are great too! I'll be sure to tell more next time :) 
Apparently my comp looks at me during the day more than Hna Boyce because she's found 2 grey hairs since we've been together :( I'm getting old aparently!!! haha  I've been enjoying the latin food too, we order empanadas and the other hermana make mexican, chilean and honduranian (haha yeah idk..:) Food and it's sooo good :) I'm loving it!! Well, I gotta get going! i love you all sooo much!! Smile lots and share your light :) That's what this journey through life is all about :)  


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