Monday, March 10, 2014

Gringa Fea :)

It's been another amazing week on the mission!  :)
The work here is TOUGH haha we knock doors almost all day and talk with a lot of grumpy people, but it's been fun to have Hermana Martinez who helps me to always keep a smile on my face! We've been working hard trying to find some new people who are ready to accept to gospel, we have on investigator named Rosa who has been to church a couple times and loves it. She was Evengelist (there's a lot here) but she didn't like all the yelling haha she thinks The Church of Jesus Christ is much more peaceful which helps her feel comfortable. We are planning her baptism for the end of this month! Two other investigators we have who are just wonderful, Carina and Rodrigo, have been to church lots but Carina is pregnant and got sick Saturday night so she couldn't go to church, but when we called so told us she was reading the Liahona and her scriptures in bed! She wants to get baptized but she still needs to get married, so we're working on that one :)

Random things this week. . .I may have my first out of country experience. . .my head started itching on like Friday and all my comps told me I probably have lice and I was like no way!! But they looked and never found an adult but apparently I have the babies haha I dunno. . .it doesn't itch right now, it's like off and on. . .so I might have lice, but you're all still required to LOVE ME ok?! haha but don't worry I'll get it taken care of when I feel like a reliable source has diagnosed me haha Oh and the title of this email is the nickname on of the Hermanas (Valenzuela) gave me. . .sometimes its a good thing and sometimes it's a bad thing I guess haha I do love my house mates and it's been way fun this past week :) I had to stay at home with Hna Valenzuela one day because she has a lot of pain and can't work some days so we switch staying at home so that her companion can get out and work a little bit, but it was awesome getting to know her better!! She's crazy, but I love her :)

I had a really spiritual week this week :) It was full of ups and downs, as the mission is haha but I had several very obvious answers to prayers that confirmed to me that I really do have a Father in Heaven who loves me. These experiences, as small as they were, helped me realize something. I've never really loved Him like He's asked me too. I often made excuses for not living the way I knew He wanted me to. I did things I wanted instead of putting in first priority those things He has promised me will make me happy. That's what the world wants us to believe, that we know better. BUT IT?S LIES!! Haha we can never find happiness doing what we WANT. We will only feel real joy and happiness when we live our lives putting our love for God very very first. I feel like I've said things like this before, but I guess my testimony of this concept gets deeper and deeper every week and I am so grateful, because I know that here in the mission it's easy to recognize that, I'm using every minute of my time now to serve Him, but when I get home, I'll have my testimony put to the test., I'll have to prioritze my life the way He has taught me too. I know I never succeeded at that before, but I'm grateful for the real love I feel for my Heavenly Father, and I have a lot of hope and faith that that love will carry me through when it's time for me to get back to life :) So, my invitation to you all is to look at your life and find those things that you could do to show your love for God :) I know with all my heart it will bring SO much happiness and joy <3 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! Have a great week ok?! 


  1. Love this! Your smile comes through the way you write, and this makes me want to do better..

  2. Is gringa fea Basically "ugly gringo"? Mean! ;-)