Monday, March 31, 2014

One Year Celebration! :D

Well, I'm TRYING to get some pictures sent. . .but I had a good week this week! 
I can't believe I've been a missionary for a year. . .that's just nutso haha I DO feel the growth that I've experienced and the changes that have made me a better person and if I keep working at it will continue to help me become the person my Heavenly Father needs me to be <3 Haha ugh I've been trying to get one dumb pic sent for 20 minutes and it's just not working. . .but here it's tradition to burn a shirt once you've hit your year mark (it was a white one I've had since I was like 14 so I think it's time had come. . .) but it was way funny :) I also had a cool experience this week where we were out contacting and came across a lady from Tahiti and she only spoke English and I tried my best to remember how to talk in English!! Haha I NEVER thought I'd forget, and obviously I haven't cuz I can write it just fine, but making English come out of my mouth was proven to be more difficult than I thought!!! I felt way silly, but it was a cool experience nevertheless :) and my comp was like "Now I know what it feels like to be you. . ." haha so yeah :) 
I also gave a talk in church yesterday about Charity and everyone told me thank you and that it was good. They also told me they were impressed with how well i speak (they all think I'm brand new to the mission cuz that's what happens when your a "yankee" - you're new everywhere you go haha but I'm used to it ;) but it was good I learned a lot. I'm seriously so grateful for all your support and all the love I feel from you all :) Oh and yesterday in the combined Relief Society/Priesthood meeting Bishop used a Lord of the Rings analogy and I was one of the only ones who understood what he was talking about and it was SO good!! He was talking about being careful with the little snares Satan has put out in the world that seem harmless or even good but can really mess you up in the long run (too much time on the internet, remodeling homes and new cars every year. . .) which he compared to the Ring, which I think we've talked about that before. . .but yeah it was cool and made me think of you all <3 
Well, I'm outta time. I'll see if I can get a picture sent!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Have a great week ok and smile a ton and make the most of every precious beautiful minute our Heavenly Father has given us <3 I LOVE YOU 
Your Larissa

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