Monday, April 7, 2014

A LONG and AMAZING Weekend :)

WOW!!! Haha I don't think I'll ever get used to or like the rushed feeling I have on Monday Mornings trying to get all of the e-mails sent that I need to or keep you all in on the loop of my crazy world over here in Argentina, so just forgive me that I can't do it like I would if I had a couple hours on here haha but I know I need to do better and follow the example of Aaron <3 He does so awesome!! 
But ok as for me and what's up?? :) 

I love Conference. It's seriously so incredible everytime even though they all teach the same basic priciples and doctrine, it's exactly what this world needs <3 We also had transfers this weekend, at the same time, so some poor people missed out on Conference. I thought that was a big bummer, but we've gotta do what we've gotta do sometimes I guess! I'm still here in Villa Floresta, but my comp switched to be the comp of another Hna in the Ward and Hna Alvarez, one of the Peruvians I lived with in White is my new comp! She still hasn't met up with us, but I think we'll meet up around 4 my leaders told me, but who knows with them sometimes haha :) I also got to see all of the White families at Conference which made me way happy <3 I think that's where my heart will always be from the mission here in Argentina just cuz I was there SOOO long haha

I felt so many things during Conference, but as I prepared for Conference this time, I felt the impression to start reading the Book of Mormon and mark EVERY time it talked about obedience or repentance. I felt SO grateful for that revelation because, at least for me, that was ALL the prophets encouraged us to do better. Be more obedient then ever before and when we make our human imperfect state mistakes to have complete trust and faith in Christ that he will heal us and help us be strong so we don't ever have to make the same mistakes again. One of the quotes that really stuck with me from President Packers talk is that there are things in this life that can't be taught, but only learned. I feel like the meaning and truthfulness of that statement has really hit me on my mission. I really started internalizing gospel principles that I had been taught my whole life because I relied on and was worthy of the spirit to teach me in a way only he can help me understand, apply and change. I think the real learning comes when as we follow the spirit and do those things most basic to strengthen spiritual growth: Praying Daily, Reading the Scriptures daily, and then sharing the knowledge and truth we receive in Family Home Evening or our church meetings :)
Click above to read, watch the whole talk from General Conference!
I'm so very grateful for the simplicity of the plan our Heavenly Father has prepared for us and the incredible blessings He promises to us and our families <3 I know it's the ONLY plan of happiness and we have to give 110%, even though our Faith in Christ and His Atonement is like 109.9% of that effort <3 Trust in Him and love Him enough to keep his commandments :) That's all he has asked <3 
I love you all soo very much!! I'm praying for you all and thinking about you and can't wait to all be together again <3 

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