Monday, April 28, 2014

Sacrifice :)

Man it's been an awesome week!

I wish I had more time on weeks like this so I could explain well everything that happened, but that's the way the mission is I guess!!! We had some just crazy experiences as well as some miracles.

The most memorable was we were knocking doors and one answered, a guy about 23 years old (who side note looks a lot like Frodo haha) and we started talking to him and he was kinda interested so we asked if there was a woman and he told us his mom, but she had company and we said that's ok we'll just talk with you! So we sat down and the mom came to see who we were and we recognized her but weren't sure from where (we get to know so many people here haha) but turns out we had contacted her just a couple nights earlier, and she is WAY evangelica. She was with some of her friends talking, but they all decided to come talk to us, which I had a feeling was gonna be something interesting. . .but we began to explain the Restoration and they listened and I got to share the first vision and I have on rare ocasion felt the spirit as strongly as I did sharing it this time. . .there was silence for about a minute and I began to testify of Jose Smith and that's when they attacked haha for the next about hour we tried defending every attck they threw at us and I truly can't remember anything I said, but what I do rememebr is that they were truly confounded like the scriptures promise :) I've obviously felt the miracle of the gift of tongues being able to speak spanish. . .but this experience testified to me that this truly is the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ and I am so grateful to have the knowledge that that I have felt that witness over and over again :)

I read a cool scripture this morning about Sacrifice in D and C 64:23 and you can look it up but the quote from gordon B. Hinckly in Stand a Little Taller was awesome "Our willingness to sacrifice for this the Lords work reminds us that this is the very essence of the Atonement, the ultimate sacrifice made by the Son of God in bahalf of each of us" I hope we all can remember every day when we face struggle and challenges the Saviors sacrifice for us and know that He understands us, but as His brothers and sisters we have to experience a little of what He has in order to love like He did :) I love you all so very much!! Have an AWESOME week!!! 

Larissa <3

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