Monday, April 21, 2014

An Awesome Week!!

Well, I wrote like a million people today. . .but we had an AWESOME week!! I have never been so happy on the mish and seen so many miracles :)
WE have 2 investigators with baptism dates that are just SO happy and excited and they both came to church yesterday!! Dominga is 87 years old and has a lot of health problems but she is so excited to be baptized as we were leaving the church yesterday she asked to see where she'd be baptized <3 it was so sweet :) The other is named Rosa and is the mom of one other investigator whose been up and down for about a year. . .Hna Tolman started teaching her here when she first got to Argentina haha but Rosa turned up in Wednesday after being gone for a year. . .and she has a lot of stuff she needs to get straightened out but she came to church and told us she feels like this is it :)
Alright my time is up!!! I love you all so very much!! HAVE AN AWESOME WEEK!!!!! I'll get you all a longer one next week haha
your Larissa <3

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