Monday, April 14, 2014

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Haha yeah. . .so I dunno if I mentioned this, but one of the girls in my house has like all Christmas music on her music dealy and so I get all excited psyching (?) myself out cuz it's APRIL haha BUT this week was SOOO cold!! It rained a bunch and it was almost snow, I think it's just to humid here so it can't be snow. . .but yeah, I'm a bit frozen haha I got sick cuz the change was SO fast and out of no where. One day it's like 90 degrees then the next day BAM 15 haha it was nuts, but really I like the cold weather better so it's all good :) The only bad part is my favorite boots that I brought with me broke yesterday :( I'm gonna see if I can glue them together but it's not looking so hot haha partly I think is broke cuz we've been working so darn hard!! 
Hermana Alvarez is soo awesome. She really gives it her all and when
she does it makes it so easy to give it my all, it doesn't feel like I'm forcing the other one or make me more prone to want to be done too. The whole companion thing is such a good marriage preparation seriously cuz, like I told her, she has been the companion that has helped me fulfill my full potential as a missionary, just like we should look for a spouse that will help us fulfill our full potential as disciples of Christ. I'm super grateful I'm found someone that helps me want to give and do my best always <3 Oh my word, I just realized how much this darn man is charging us for these computers!!! Oh well I guess haha

Sorry this is short and kinda whimpy. I've been freaking out a little about classes and stuff and I messed around trying to sign in and find my password and reading FAQ to see if there were tips for missionaries haha but I sent an e-mail and hopefully next week I can get it all figured out.

I've been thinking a lot about purification and I know that it comes when we are converted, and really both of them are a life process, but I love a scripture in Omni verse 26 that talks about giving our whole souls as an offering to Him, then it says that's achieved through much fasting and prayer. Before my mission I definitely didn't have a testimony of fasting. I just felt hungry haha but on my mission I've been able to feel how really, it brings us so much closer to Christ spiritually. I'm so grateful that we as members fast so frequently, because it's a selfless thing, and we have to practice being selfless. I felt very close to my Savior yesterday and I know it's because I was fasting and had the intentions of becoming more like Him :)

Ok I gotta go! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!
Have a great week ok?!

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