Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Little Working Song

Haha anybody anybody??? Haha yeah, it´s a song on Enchanted that Amy Adams sings and it just so happens I´m serving right now with Amy Adams :) Hahaha it´s sooo funny to me because since the first day I met Hna Boyce she reminded me of some Disney character and I couldn´t figure out who and I said Amy Adams from Enchanted one time and she was like really? and I was like oh maybe not. . .but THEN she started singing that song and she sounds JUST LIKE HER!!! Haha and she´s just super gorgeous and cute and yeah haha it´s the best :)
She also knows what she wants too, so she is being a tough one and working even though her allergies aren´t totally gone. . .so we went out and worked hard this week!
My Florencia, who I´ve been teaching for awhile, is SUPER looking forward to her baptism and FINALLY came to church yesterday! I think she really enjoyed it :) She loved that there was nursery for her kids to be in while she was in class, even though they only stayed there for one of the hours (which really worked out perfect) and I taught the gospel principles class on the Priesthood and she had been wondering about getting a blessing for all of the hard things she´s got going on and just bad feelings about her past, and we set up a time this week for her to receive one, so I´m super looking forward to that :) All of our members in our little branch went to the Temple this week. It´s crazy to be in an area where they literally save all they can every month so that they can go to the temple 4 times a year. . .if they are lucky. Our missionary leader got sealed to his wife and he is just the sweetest about it all.
One of the members cars broke down on the way back too and that´s what they use in order to work (they take drinkable water around, like the dispenser kind since the water is bad here) and they really need there car for that :/ but they just have this amazing "God gives us trials to make us stronger" attitude and it´s so amazing. I love the Book of Mormon for that reason. It teaches us and helps us see that the only way we can find happiness in life is if we are learning and we can only learn if we are having challenges and testing our faith so that is can grow bigger and stronger. it´s truly amazing. I also have seen that REMEMBERING is so huge. We have commandments in order to keep us humble, so that we know that we can´t find peace and happiness without Heavenly Father. It´s all about doing things in his time and in His way :) That´s the theme of the mish for me, and I don´t know if I would have learned that any other way.
I´m so ridiculously blessed. Thank you ALL for all your support and the prayers and letters! Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for the e-mails! Sorry I didn´t get to reply back this week, hopefully I´ll find time one day! Thank you to everyone whose sent letters too! Those are a rare thing and they mean the world to me when I get them :)
Have a great week ok??
I love you all so much <3 xoxoxo

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