Monday, September 30, 2013

Down for the Count

This is a duel meaning title haha For starters. . .ROCIO went down in the water on Saturday!! :) Oh man that was so awesome. She is just amazing and is going to be SUCH an amazing example for her family. I can´t wait to see what the future brings for her <3 She had a bunch of family at her Baptism, including her Sister Magalee who I´ve always loved. She is an English teacher, so if I don´t understand something it´s So nice to have her there because she can just explain it to me in English haha but it was so cool to see her there supporting Rocio. Who knows, maybe one day she´ll listen to the missionaries!
Haha meaning number 2 - My "cold" turned into full on fevers, headaches, and 4 rolls of toilet paper for this waterfall of a nose I have haha I was stuck in bed Wednesday, Friday and most of Saturday :/ I still feel pretty gross, but it is what it is and I definitely think I´m on the uphill climb haha (I didn´t make it even past a year like my Superman. Failure haha) My immune system is like that though I think. . .if it´s gonna give in, it´s down for the count haha came up with that while I was trying to muster the engery to shower this morning haha it´s the darn weather down here! It´s beautiful one day and then the next day it´s freezing cold and pouring rain, so my body gets all sorts of confused. But, I got this Argentina medicine that´s working on sweating it all out of me, which is really gross I know haha but I think it´s working! So yeah! Don´t worry about me but prayers are VERY much appreciated :)
Being so sick, I got a TON of sleep, but I also did some reading of the Ensign of past conferences and I got so excited for Conference. I´m really excited too because our Zone has decided to do this Purification fast, I think Aaron mentioned this to me once that one of our friends from SVU did it on his mission, but we start with a fast from food and ask Heavenly Father to help us determine a list of 10 or however many things our natural man is holding on too that is keeping us from having the Spirit as our constant companion. Then, we make a covenant with the Lord that we will do all within our power and with His help want to fast from the things on the List for 40 days. Everyday, start by telling Heavenly Father what you want to do, and then end telling him how the day went. Eventually as the 40 days come to a close, we should be able to see that the Spirit is with us and those natural man desires have disappeared. 
Click to watch this devotional address
I also read His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox :) Read it if you can! It´s an amazing talk. But I´m really excited to start my fast and see where it takes me by the begining of November :) It should be neat!
Well, that´s all for this week!!
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Keep up the good work :)

xoxoxo Larissa

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