Monday, September 2, 2013

HeyOH con exítO y animO de White! :)

Haha well, my heading is probably only funny to me, but still HeyOH!!!

How are all of the people in the United States that I love so very very much?? I´m doing so great, It was a really awesome week (minus the fact that I got sick for the first time here on the mission, not so fun. . .I have a bit of an ear infection so my head ached and I was just completely drained of engery but I'm so much better now!) I just gotta get it out there some news about my Aaron. He´s going home for an appointment to get his shoulder looked at with the military doctors on Sept 17th, so here in a couple weeks. Pray for him that it all works out smoothly and that they figure out what they need to do from there! Sounds like he might get to go back out to the mission if there is a long wait until surgery and then if he does end up getting surgery and having to go home he´ll have to re-do his paperwork and the missionary process and the Brethern will decide if he will go back to Twin Falls or if they want to reassign him. . .CRAY CRAY!! But kinda neat. I just want him to be healthy and whole again <3 So yeah, keep my man in your prayers will ya? Thank ya!
Now for my week! It was awesome, we actually knocked a TON of doors this week since both of our progressing iunvestigators got baptized. We´d been working a lot with Mariela of course, and a little bit with her daughter Rocio, who I talked about a little last week. She has a 1 year old son named León and he is the CUTEST thing! But anyway this week we asked if we could reteach her all the lessons, she´s been reading the gospel principles manual that her mom had so she already knows a FLIP TON!! But after the first lesson we were asking her if she prayed to know if it´s true or not and she said yes, but she can´t ever remeber her dreams so she didn´t know if she got an answer. . .but she knows it´s the true church!! Haha it was SO awesome! So then we explained that she didn´t have to have a dream to get an answer :) She said she loves church and wants to be baptized! We´re gonna work for the 28th of September cuz she wants to be completely done smoking before she gets baptized and I know she can do it! She is so smart and is liek a sponge when it comes to learning and she always has a TON of questions which is awesome because she really wants to understand! It´s great. Mariela of course is wonderful and is already being active in Relief Society activities and making lots of friends. It´s SO amazing to see. We had a miracle at church yesterday! We found a refferal that had been in the area book for who knows how long, and when we went to talk to her she said she had gone to church before and liked it, then we taught her a breif version of the Restoration and she enjoyed that and seemed really receptive and then we asked her to be baptized and she was like no way haha which is completely understandable, but then when we tried to go back she never would come out and we were bummed thinking maybe we scared her off with baptism haha but yesterday SHE SHOWED UP IN CHURCH! Her name is Noelia and she said she just woke up with the idea that she needed to go to church so she came and brought her 9 year old nephew and they LOVED it! She said that she wants to keep coming and learning more and then when she knows for sure she´ll keep coming and make the baptism covenant with God she´ll get baptized! I was so happy for her :) and her nephew Alan loves church too and thought that the sacrament was special :) So we're going to start teaching them both and I´m super happy about that :)

Fun Facts about Argentina for this week :)

- So, they have the trucks that I think drive around White ALL DAY, but it´s only like Saturdays and Sundays. . .and they have a loud speaker and their truck is full of veggies, fruits, eggs, milk, you name it haha and they just say all the things that they have on the loud speaker and drive around really slow and people come out of there houses and buy the stuff. But the FUNNIEST thing is YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND A SINGLE THING THEY ARE SAYING!! haha it´s seriously hilarious. They are like 50 times worse than an auctioneer (and maybe that´s just cuz I can´t understand Spanish ;) haha but yeah!

- They don´t have dryer´s here so we have this dryer rack that we hang all of our clothes on and we leave them out for a couple days to dry :)

- There is eggs in literally EVERY dish. I dunno how I didn´t realize this sooner. . .but seriously. Haha they LOVE their eggs. This one really popular dessert called Flan (I´m sure you can look up a recipe) is just milk and eggs. It´s ok haha

So yup! That´s me for the week :) I´ve been super grateful for my mission this week. I think, no, I KNOW, I couldn´t handle being a mother and really be the diciple of Christ I need to be the rest of my life without this mission.  For that, I´ve been working my heart out and trying my best to live every moment!
I taught the gospel principle class yesterday about the Holy Ghost and it made me think a lot about how much more I need to be aware of Him and try every minute to be worthy of his precense. . .not only so I can teach with Him but so he can teach ME what I really need to learn and the things I need to change. So yeah, try to feel God´s influence and love in your life this week :)
FIVE months since we started together at the MTC!!
I LOVE YOU ALL!! Have an awesome week!!!

Larissa :)

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