Monday, August 26, 2013

Bautismo Numero 2!!!

¡Hola! ¿Comó le va amados hermanos míos?

Haha that's probably not gramatically correct but whatever :) Yup that's right! We had another baptism this week. I absolutely LOVE Mariela. She is incredible. I only got to see the end result of her finding the gosple but her light shines so bright and she is so loving and SO gosple smart. She has ALL the books already and has read a ton of them haha Her baptism was absolutely beautiful :) Two of her kids were able to make it, Rocio and Juan. They are both great and it was so good that they were able to come see their mom take this step.

Rocio is learning and reading but doesn´t talk much yet. We LOVE going over to teach them, and we told Rocio that we could only keep coming as much as we do if we could teach her. I think she's thinking about it :) But the spirit was just so strong at Marielas baptism, Hermana Vincent gave an amazing talk on the Holy Ghost and really, you could just see in Mariela´f countenance how important it was to her :) That is by far the most rewarding part of being out here. Helping people find purpose in there life and find a path that will bring them real and lasting happiness :) We are working on finding more people who are ready, cuz this path isn´t the easiest! But we are just going to keep working hard and surely the people who are ready will be placed in our path :) Hermana Vincent had a bit of a crazy week this week. . .she's doing great but if you all could send prayers both of our way that would be so awesome :) It´s tough being two greengos out here haha but with the help of our Savior we manage! We had a fun week in general though! We had some good laughs and let off some steam being goofs in our apartment (don´t worry, there's videos as proof ;) but I just love her. She is so strong and I´ve learned so much from her already. I know Heavenly Father knew this would be hard for us, but as we both are willing to turn to him for help, He's there for us.

This might be silly, but to anyone who is or was a missionary you probably understand how sad this is, but I lost my planner this week.  I think in a collectivo (bus) so there's really a VERY slim chance I´ll ever find it. That thing is like a mini journal for me. . .somehow I think I misplaced my first one too. . .so yeah, I cried but it's sort of ok now haha (You all know me, I cry about everything (haha)

So! Here's my fun facts about Argentina for the week :)

- This week there was a BIG protest about something to do with fish and fish workers (that's all me and Hna. Vincent were abe to get out of it haha) happened and ever since then they have been cutting the power off every so often. . .the first time is happened I was like "It wasn´t me this time I swear!!!" haha but yeah, they cut it off yesterday morning so we didn´t have power most of church, luckily we have a small branch so we could still hear for the most part :) but that has been weird!

- Instead of the peep holes in the door that you can look through from the inside and the people outside can´t see, they just cut a hole out of there door and put a little circle over it that twists, so when we knock, this little hole opens up with an eye looking back at us and normally we just stand there and talk to the eye cuz they don´t wanna open the door haha it´s great :)
-Did I talk about Malta last week? Cuz if I did whatever I´m talkign about it again cuz I´m absolutely in LOVE! It makes me think of Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Larry cuz it smells like toffee (like coffee but sweeter) but it's like a hot chocolate mix!! You make it with milk and add a little sugar and dip in some crackers (yeah, wierd but SO good) and it's like a little piece of heaven haha LOVE IT!

Welp, that's me for the week! I have been realizing just how flippin cool the Book of Mormon is this week. Yeah, so of it´s teachings are super repetetive. . .BUT THAT'S BECAUSE WE ARE A FORGETFUL PEOPLE!!!

haha They only repeat themselves to help us REMEMBER because that's what it´s all about. When we remeber to say our prayers, we do, and we are blessed. We we remember to read our scriptures, we do, and we are blessed. When we keep the commanments cuz we remembered them when we read our scriptures, we do, and we are blessed! Isn´t that cool?!

Just, always remember Him, and he can bless our life like He wants to, but it takes action on our part :) I´m grateful I have this time to develop habits that can bless me and those I know for the rest of my life!! It's so great :)
I love you all and hope you have a FANTASTIC week! ¡¡¡¡AMO Y EXTRAÑO MUCHO!!!!
Con Amor,
Larissa :)

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