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Oh my goodness. I´m in Argentina guys. Can ya believe it?! haha I definitely feel like I´m here but I guess sometimes I still just can´t believe it. Obviously it´s been an AWESOME week :) So, I flew out of Orlando to the Georgia airport where I met up with the rest of my MTC district which was SO awesome and a TON of other missionaries! From there, our flight left around 9:00 and we flew all night, like 11 hours to Buenos Aires. I gotta sit by Elder Jaggi (he´s the Elder that is way into hunting from Wyoming that reminded me of all my crazy brothers haha ) it was great catching up with him! Even on the plane, it was like the beginning of my culture shock haha everyone was speaking castellano (that´s the dialect of Spanish we speak here, it´s when you turn all the y and ll into a sh sound instead, it´s super beautiful, and all the accents are like Italians haha) but then when we got off the plane and went though customs there were a BILLION people holding signs haha and then when we found the one that said ¨misioneros la iglesia de jesucristo¨ that was awesome, but the members picking us up only spoke castellano as well, so that was a cool experience trying to communicate right off the bat :) from that point on, it´s definitely been full immersion. We spent a few hours at the Buenos Aires mission office and met all the missionaries going home that transfer and a TON were from Bahia Blanca. We talked to the Sisters and they told us all about our ¨madres¨or trainers and some advice and all that stuff. That was also my first experience with real Argentina food which ALWAYS contains meat and mayonaise (haha sorry mom, there is literally no avoiding that here haha) but it is SO good. While we were there, the lady in charge of the Visa´s for all the missionaries of not only Argentina, but Chile, Paraguay and Uraguay as well, explained to us that the only reason we were ale to come is they decided to make all of our visas the ¨tourist¨visas that don´t take as long to obtain, but are only good for three months and have to be changed into long term ones, which it didn´t sound like there is going to be a problem doign that, but just pray that it´ll all go smoothly! Then, we finally went back to an airport so we could fly out to Bahia Blanca! I didn´t sleep too well on the way over so I was just flat out exhausted haha but it was only and hour and I slept the whole way. It was dark once we got there (it gets dark at about 6.00 right now) and raining, but oh my word, I was SO excited! We got off the plane, and went through the doors and there was President and the Assistants :) They just looked so darn happy and they greeted us with HUGE hugs (well, hand shakes for me and Hermana Tolman, oh yeah it was us and like 14 Elders haha) but it was awesome :) Then we took a little 30 minute drive to the mission office (passed the only Wal-Mart in the mission haha) and ate a quick dinner there, then us Hermanas, there were 3 others from the Buenos Aires MTC that had been there all day, went to crash at President and Hermana Perreno´s house. Then the next day we had a little training and then found out our area and companions!!
With Hermana Vincent
SO!!! I´m really near Bahia Blanca! My area is called Ingeniero White and it´s like 30 minutes from Bahia and I LOVE it! It´s kinda poor and there are a lot of factories, but the people are absolutely wonderful :) My companion is Hermana Vincent!! I met her on FB before the mish! She came out one transfer before me and has only been in Argentina for a tranfer as well! She was in Salt Lake before that (which is ike 20 minutes from her house, poor thing) but she is AMAZING! I love her so much and she is doing an AMAZING job teaching me spanish :) I believe we are the first both American Hermana companionship the mission has had haha it´s a little bit of a struggle, but Hermana Vincent is amazing :) We are already really good friends and we are working hard!
Ok I guess to finish up here's some random facts about my area:

1. There are dogs EVERYWHERE!! I absolutely love that. Except when we see ones that are really sick, hungry. . .or mean. BUt mostly they are all really healthy. There are two who know who we are and run up to us whenever they see us :) They´re names are Tigra and Spike haha I´ll try to get some pictures.
2. It´s really not that cold haha I mean yeah it´s winter and we don´t have American heating systems but I wearing sweat and a tshirt to bed and I´m fine :) granted I have like 5 blankets but yeah haha

3. We getta walk EVERYWHERE and it´s so awesome cuz we can work literally ALL DAY LONG! No riding in the car or working with silly bikes haha oh and my leggings keep me plenty warm mom I promise, and I getta wear my boots like everyday so that´s pretty much the best thing ever!

4. We have a branch here and it has about 6ish active families, which is so fun. Granted, the work is a bit slower here, but they are incredible people and they feed us good lunches! Oh, here their big meal is Lunch and then they don´t really eat dinner and breakfast, they just eat like small things throughout the day which I also LOVE!
5. Prepare brothers haha you´ll wanna live here after I tell you this...literally everyone rides motorcycles. haha ok not everyone but a TON of people. and if not a motorcycle it´s a bike with a motor haha which is pretty darn neat :)

Alright, that´s it for my time today! I love you all so much and the gospel is just as true down here as it is in the US! Keep praying for me and I´ll be praying for all of you :)
TE AMA!!! :)
Hermana Conger

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