Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Adios Florida!! Hola Argentina!!

Yup! It's true! I'm flying out to Argentina TODAY!!
Buenos Aires from the air!
I'm pretty darn nervous about it too haha but I'm mostly excited :) It's going to be a crazy adventure, and it's where the Lord needs me now. I'm happy about that! Haha sorry, my brain is kinda scrambled haha I can't think straight. . .but here's what I wrote to Prez:

Hello President,
It's pretty crazy that this is the last letter I'll be writing you to already! It came SO much sooner than I was expecting, especially after being able to talk with you at interviews and get such amazing words of wisdom from you. I'm so grateful from all that I've learned from you in such a short period of time and I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to serve here! In the past 6 weeks I feel like SO much has happened. When we started out here, we were "white washing" which was a new experience for all of us. We tried to do a lot of contacting old potentials and teaching, we also did a lot of work with the members to try and get to know them better. Toward the beginning of this transfer though, I felt like we as a companionship weren't working as hard as we could have been and I'm so grateful that we were able to have Sister (Hermana) Ackley come. She is just such a hard worker, and she straightened up some paper work things that weren't like that should have been. . .and we just ALWAYS come home exhausted and that is the BEST feeling as a mish haha I've learned a ton being here in Florida, and found a lot of things I can be better about and work on. I'm going to do my best to let my light shine to the people of Argentina and use the skills and lessons I've learned here to make that happen :) Thanks for all you do and I love you and Sister Berry so much!!
Hermana Conger :)

He asked us to account about what we had done during the transfer, and I could probably do a much better job answering that, but I'm just kind of a mess in the head right now haha
This past week has been a roller coaster too. Satan knew that my Visa was coming I think cuz I was just in a funk I've NEVER been before. I was super down on my self and stressing about stuff that I hadn't been stressing over which made it hard for me to be myself and be smiley and all of that. No good. But, I have the most fantastic companions and I got a priesthood blessing and I got to have an interview with President and all of that helped out a ton!
Hermana Conger, Sister Blake, & Hermana Monson
But nothing helped as much as when President called me Friday night and said I got my visa! Haha I felt like a HUGE weight lifted off and it was WEIRD cuz I was expecting to be scared out of my mind haha but I've just been SO much more at peace now and I can't wait to go learn some ESPANOL!!! :D Haha ok I gotta go! I look forward to sharing all the details with you next week! have an awesome week and day ok?!
Hermana Conger, Hermana Monson, and Sister Ackley
I love you soo very much! The gospel is the only way we can be happy in this life, and I am so grateful that I get to learn that everyday and have my testimony of that strengthened everyday as well!! I love my Savior and I'm gonna let ALL of Argentina know that :)
Hermana Conger :) or Larissa :) <3


  1. We LOVE YOU Larissa! Happy that you are on your way to Argentina and that you are so excited about it. You are inspiring so many....not just on your mission, but many of your family & friends at home that love & respect you. Just be yourself & do your best each day...& that is PERFECT! XOXO