Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Uggh - I wanna be creative but can't think of anything...

Hey All!!!!

Ok so my brain feels a little fried right now. . .not totally sure why haha but I'm gonna do my best to inform you all on my week!

So, Sister Blake was Emergency transferred out of our area today. . .I'm not completely sure why. . .I have a few hypothesis but yeah we had to get her all packed up last night so she could head out this morning! We had a new sister come here to train and her name is Sister Ackley and she is so smiley and just one of the happiest sisters!! I'm really super excited to get to know her! We actually both got here the same transfer, so she's been in the field the same amount of time as me! Aaannddd. . .since I was in the MTC for about a month longer I'm the "oldest" in our companionship! haha It's pretty crazy. . .we're young but I feel like we are going to be a power house and just keep the area growing!
Don't know exactly when they got flooded, because she never talked about it - but clearly they had quite a rain at some point!!
As for investigators, we are doing better, we have one cool guy named D who has been to church 2 times now! The first time we just knocked on his door to talk to another guy that lived there who was a potential investigator. . .and as we were walking away he asked us for the address of the church so he could come! We hadn't even taught him at the point. . .but yeah he likes church, except he thinks we need a choir because no one can sing good haha so he can be a character. Other than him, it's kinda off and on with some of the other people we are teaching. 2 of them are 16 so they are obviously keeping themselves busy this summer :) Then we found an old lady this past week named D! She is from Cuba and she is adorable haha we taught her completely in Spanish so that was fun! I feel like I'm getting better. . .so yeah it's great!

Here are my thoughts on what Pres Berry asked of us this week:

Ok, this week you asked me to share what it means to me to be a disciple of Christ. I've been thinking about that this week quite a bit. I've had a couple things happen that have made me feel just really down on myself and just kinda shifted the mentality I've had since I got to the field, BUT as I've thought about what it means to be a disciple of Christ, I've got an even better perspective now! So don't worry :) Really, I think that the biggest thing about being a disciple of Christ is our attitude and mentality. As we humble ourselves and are willing to submit our will to Heavenly Father's try our best to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and show love for all man just as Christ would, I think we are doing our part, but we can do even more! Knowing that I am a child of God and that I can be happy and repent because of my Savior Jesus Christ is awesome, but then I have to SHARE that knowledge with my brothers and sisters so they can feel that love of Christ as well. . .I really feel like that's what life is about. Christ and His gospel is all about love and service to others. I know that it will be a long road for me to get to where Christ was. . .it's gonna take practicing it everyday, regardless of how people treat me back. I know there are going to be hard times because Christ wants me to use the Atonement in order to feel His love :) That's why we have to call others to Repentance, so that they can feel Christ's love for them. It's incredible. I'm just gonna keep trying every day for the rest of my life to do that so that in the end Christ can say to me "Well done my good and faithful servant."

There is this new song I heard on Sister Blake's iPod and we listened to it over and OVER cuz it's incredible! It's called "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul" by Vocal Point. Look it up!! I've been thinking a lot about the words to that song. . .and I'll have to talk about it more next week cuz I've gotta get going! Sorry I've been slacking these past couple weeks. . .I need to repent and do better SO I WILL!! haha

I love you all sooo much! Have a great week ok!!
LOVE YOU!!! xoxoxo 

Larissa :)

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