Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another week FLIES by!...

Hello Family!!

Sorry, this one is gonna be short and sweet cuz I've been e-mailing a lot of random people and my time has just flown by (like everything else around this place haha.) It has been a great week! We know our area a lot better and are getting to know our ward and a lot of the members.

Oh my word these people are INCREDIBLE!! I'm sure I'll feel that way about everywhere I serve but I have had the privilege of hearing some very spiritual experiences and I have just grown so much in this short week because of the amazing things I've seen and heard.

My companions are amazing. It's kinda funny how Satan works though. Tuesday was like a RIDICULOUSLY hard day and everything about it just seemed off, we couldn't teach and we were getting really easily frustrated, so we just decided we needed to talk it out. After like an hour long comp inventory EVERYTHING came out that people had been holding in and it got a little ugly haha but we realized everything was just thoughts that Satan was putting in our minds by tainting things that others were saying and doing to make us get angry, annoyed, or upset. Ever since we had that talk and literally like called Satan out on the nonsense he was putting us through we have become so close! Our lessons just flow and we have confidence and trust in each other and it is just the coolest thing to see what completely and open communication has done for our teaching. I wish I woulda been more open with people a LOT of times in my life and I know that the spirit can work through us only if we are willing to act on its promptings.

We had a baptism too! Amber is 9 and she's been working on it for awhile and it finally happened. She is so sweet and was super happy. Her family is just so sweet and we are loving getting to know them!

We don't really have any other investigators. . .we have a couple potentials but nothing that has actually turned out interest. There is one girl, C, she is 16 and was super interested. We're meeting with her again sometime this week so I'll update on Monday :)

Alright I'ma peace out for today!! I'll work on getting pics to y'all next week! I've been kinda a slacker about taking them. . .hahah oh!! Excpet I dunno how I forgot to mention. . .I've been riding a bike all week!! haha that's made for some pretty sore areas haha but my legs are really starting to shape up again so that has been absolutely fantastic :) I love it, it gets a little hot but no big deal!

I LOVE YOU ALL!! Be happy! Always trust in the Lord. "Look unto me in every thought. Doubt not, fear not." That's my new fav scripture for the moment haha ok I love you all bunches! have a great week!!!!

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