Monday, August 12, 2013

Semana Dos en Ingeniero White :)

Hola Familia! Que tal? :)

Haha Hey everyone, how have you been doing this week?! This week felt like one of the longest of my life. . .but it kinda ended up flying by. The full immersion in Spanish is starting to take a bit of a toll on me. I´m trying to just enjoy it and understand all that I can, but it gets exhausting when everytime I get asked a question and I attempt to answer I say this wrong thing cuz I misunderstood or whatever haha but people are super patient with me and are doing all they can to help me learn! I just need to be patient with myself and know it´s gonna take a lot longer than 2 weeks here to become fluent.

On the learning a new language note, me and Hermana Vincent are going to start teaching English classes :) I´m really excited and our ward members and other people we´ve told are excited about it too. We´re hoping that through the classes we´ll be able to find some people who are ready to hear about Christ too. I¨m excited to see how it goes!
We´re gonna hammer out the details this week and hopefully start it up next week, so if you have any good ifdeas for teaching English send them our way :) In my e-mail last week I neglected to mention ANYTHING about the people we are teaching! I´m such a bad missionary haha ugh, but, I´ll fill you in this week :) First of all there is Mariela. She is just amazing! Hermana Vincent and her other companion found her knocking doors and she actually thought they were from a different religious group so when they came around she went inside and closed the door, but they decided to knock anyway and told her that they were Mormom and she got super excited and invited them in and pretty much since that day has wanted to get baptised :) She is a super quick learner, she says it´s because everything we teach her just makes sense.

Whenever we´re teaching she just says ¨Claro¨ over and over haha which is like "Of course" in spanish. (Side note: I just figured out I´ve been using the ¨ instead of the " quote marks since these are Spanish key boards everything is all moved around haha) She is working toward a baptism date toward the end of the month, but everyone here in Argentina smokes, so she is working on quiting right now. She really wants to and she has gone from 20/day to alomst 1 in just 2 weeks, it´s absolutely incredible :) We did a fast with her this past week and she said that helped strengthen her a lot, so that was really neat! We also have been sorta teaching her kids and they are 19, 24, and 26. The gospel makes sense to them and I think with small steps they might accept it too. They all smoke though so that´s a bit of a large problem haha but if they believe it´s what will make them and God happy, then they will do it, so we´ll just cross that bridge when we get there :) We also have been teaching Priscila who just turned 10 on Sunday :) she is getting baptized this coming Sunday! Her mom is a member but hasn´t been to church in quite awhile, but she wants her daughter to have the chance to grow up in and be a part of the church, and Priscila absolutely loves it :) She is really smart and loves reading her "El LIbro De Mormon" para niños :) We have a few other people we are teaching but no one that we see often, so I´ll let that be it for now!

Here´s some more random facts about Argentina!:

-We knock doors here, but we also clap :) At houses with big fences around them, or ones with mean looking dogs at the door haha, we clap!

It´s way cool and fun haha

- There is this stuff that is absolutely AMAZING!! It´s called Dulce de Leche which literally translates into Sweet Milk :) It´s a lot like carmel, but it´s got more of a peanut butter texture. It´s in rolls, churros, in between cookies, on fruit, you name it! But seriously, it is some of the best stuff I´ve ever tasted :) We also have this incredible bakery in our area and we treat ourselves to the sweets in there every once in awhile and pretty much EVERYTHING has dulce de leche in it haha
- The bread here in general is just amazing. None of that spongey stuff like we´ve got in the states haha but it´s cool cuz the bread here, the outside is super tough, so for lunch or at meals they just put out a BIG loaf of bread (like the skinnyish kind they always pretend to use as swords in cartoons :)) and you just break off pieces of it as you want more bread! Its a bit of a mess, but super handy really :)
Haha ok, now for the funny moment of the week. . .how many of you have seen Leap Year? Haha I know my mom has ,) and if you haven´t seen it this is still funny but if you have seen that it makes this just that much funnier haha it was just to crazy haha ok, so I brought this converter because the voltage here is way different from the states.  It´s been working absolutely GREAT and I´ve been able to listen to music and charge my camera and I even blow dried my hair once. So yesterday, I decided I wanted to curl my hair! I know right, haha so I plugged in my handy dandy converter and turned on my curling iron. All is well at this point and I beging curling my hair haha (mind you, Hermana Vincent is in the shower.) So, I´m going along, I hear Hermana come out and go change, still. all is well. I dunno how much longer after that happened, I´d been curling my hair for probably 10 minutes cuz I only had about half done, when all the sudden there´s this HUGE pop and everything went dark. PITCH DARK! Haha yep, my dilly surling iron tripped the breaker, and I´m pretty sure my converter is fried haha but Hermana Vinvent was mid changed in the other room and she goes¨"Oh my gosh. It´s dark. I´m scared." and some other really funny stuff which I think I´ll just keep to myself haha but we found the phone to get us some light and I was freaking out that I blew the power in the whole building, maybe even block like in Leap Year haha but we went outside and found the breaker box and tripped our apartment back and all was well once again :) haha except I´m a little worried I won´t be able to charge my camera for the rest of my mission, but I brought some extra fuses for my converter so weçll see if I can change it out and get it working again :) The problem was I needed it fuctioning on the high setting and I had it on the low seting :/ so it´s totally my fault haha but it´s so funny now it was almost worth it.
Alright, I´ve gotta get going! I love you all so much! Keep praying for me and ask that I´ll recaive some help with learning this language quickly! I now it´ll come in the Lords time, but prayers never hurt anyone! I keep realizing more and more everyday how blessed I am to have a knowledge that brings me so much happiness, peace and purpose in life. I am grateful for this oppertunity I have to share that with others and just as if not more importantly really understand that for myself. I love my Savior Jesus Christ so very much and I know I´ve taken Him for granted for far too long and I´m working to do all I can to make up for that time and give Him all of me now <3
Have a great week everyone OK?! I love you all so very much :)

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