Monday, August 19, 2013


Hello All!!!

Whoop Whoop! We had our first Baptism in Argentina yesterday! It was SO fantastic. I can´t remember how much I´ve told you all about Priscila but she is 10 and the daughter of a less active. She is so fantastic and was so stinking excited for her baptism. I got to give the prayer at the end and afterward her mom told me somthing along the lines of "Your prayer was so sweet. Your spanish sounds like that of a litte child." Haha uh. . .not sure if that´s a compliment or what but I´ll take it! It was really great though! It was so great that her mom and grandma came! I hope that they keep coming! 

We will also be preparing for Marielas baptism this week! She quit smoking on Saturday and has been going strong so that has been so neat to see. She is such a great example of Faith. She just knows Christ is going to help her overcome this addiction and she believes with all her heart she will do it with his help :)
I don´t have a ton of time cuz we only have an hour now so this is gonna be short haha I´m loving the work here! We had divisions this week and two native Argentina Hermanas came and worked our area with us for a few days this week and we found 15 new investigators with them!!! It was absolutely nuts haha we'll see how they deal with having to learn from two gringos who can´t speak too well, luckily the spirit is the true teacher and if they wanna listen to that they will just feel the truth :) 

Here's some of my random facts about Argentina!! (HOpe you like that I do this haha)

- So, instead of Wal-Mart for regular everday stuff, here they have Kiosko´s which I think are absolutely genious. They are just out of home businesses where the owner buys all the stuff they want to sell from big retailors. They have everything from candy to clothes from soap to toilet paper, really just all kinda of stuff. You can pay bills there and refill phone and bus cards. The best thing about them is they are literally on EVERY STREET! and most of the time there are multiple on one street. It´s so cool and I really think they need to get these going in the US haha
- Every panel of sidewalk is different. Haha in front of every building the sidewalk changes is texture, hieght, rock or concrete, all of that! I´ll have to take pictures and show but it is just the wierdest thing when you are used to one straight plain concrete sidewalk haha (sidenote: I night not be able to send any pictures home :/ The ones Hermana Vincent sent the other day got earased and it messed up her memory card. I think the computers here could wipe off all my pictures and I don´t want that happening :/ but we´ll see!)
Well, that´s all I have time for. I keep learning this over and over again while I´m in the mission that really the best way to find true happiness and joy in this life is by serving others. I feel like I´ve always known this, but I see that truely when we are focused inward it´s so easy to get upset, be angry, find fault with others, all of that stuff. But when we focus on others and see the light that they have and share out light through helping them and loving them, we find more happiness and joy and that light within us is increased. It´s so cool. D&C50:23-24 (thanks Uncle Brock!) I love this scripture, so look it up :) haha but really, that´s what this life is all about. Sharing the light :) Enjoy everyone you meet and find some way to serve them. 
Ok, I LOVE YOU ALL!! Have an absolutely fantastic week! Come closer to Christ through service ok? That´s what I´m gonna be trying to do :) 

Larissa :)

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