Monday, September 16, 2013

Wet here in Argentina, but appartently not as wet as YOU!!

HOLY FLOOD!!!! I can´t believe you all are having to deal with this FLOOD! What the heck happened to always being in a drought haha so yeah, it´s been raining a ton here this week and is back to freezing cold. It was getting nicer, so I´ve got a constant runny nose and stuffy head going on which can be annoying but oh well! I think spring is coming... haha
Click the picture to see a slide show of the Colorado flood
This week was SO great! I just feel really good and happy. So, sorry i didn´t write a letter last week! It was kinda crazy! Transfers here are SO much more of a party than they are in the states haha since our areas are so far apart the missionaries have to take anywhere from an hour to like 5 hour bus ride to their new area. My comp, Hermana Vincent, got sent out to Mar del Plata which is about a 5 hour ride I´m pretty sure, but we had to go to the terminal around 5pm so she could head out. Man, I miss that girl. We´re gonna be good friends always haha but yeah, so then the madness begins as tons of missionaies are leaving and saying goodbye and getting big welcoming hugs and yeah it´s just awesome! I was in the terminal for about 6 hours haha I got to meet a TON of missionaries and I also taught all of the basketball, track, football, soccer, hockey, and other random words in English to one of my Zone Leaders haha It was so funny to act things out and try to understand each other. But yeah, my new comp Hermana Harris didn´t come in until around 5 the next morning, so at 11 when the last Hermana came we went to another apartment of Hermanas to spend the night, I slept for about 4 hours cuz the other missionaries comp was coming in at 3am, so I went back to the Terminal as her companion and then waited another 2 hours for Hermana Harris with the Zone Leaders. They got to know me and my awful Spanish probably a whole lot better than they ever wanted too haha but it was a good time!

This week was AWESOME as I was saying. Hermana Harris is from Northern Utah really close to Idaho,  I think the town is Boxelder (like the bug haha) or something, but she is awesome, missionary and person :) We get along good, we are SUPER different, but it´s fun haha for those of you who know Jeremy Loutensock and Justin Gerlach she is like a perfect mix of those two in girl form. Super wise and deep and has a really just smart sense of humor. The thing that has been incredible to me is the way she always knows exactly what scripture to share with people. It´s what they need to hear to increase their faith. I´m glad I have time to become like that (she´s gonna die after this transfer, so she is such a boss when it comes to missionary work!)
We found a TON of people this week, a lot of them have already been baptized and fell away for one reason or another and want to come back but don´t know how. I´m excited to help them out :) Rocio is doing awesome! We´re still cruising toward her date on the 28th of September and she seems really happy about it. She was able to come to church yesterday and it´s a bit tough with Leon (the CUTEST kid!) but her comments and knowledge that she already has is awesome. Mariela is starting to feel the weight of Satan on the righteous and we were able to help her remember some of the teachings of Christ (like He will ALWAYS love us and we can always repent it´s just our choice to let Him take the burden from us, but that doesn´t come without some hard times for us and that He never wants us to feel inadequate) all thoughts that I know all of us have to battle every single day. We really do just have to remember that Christ loves us and will always be there for us. We will always be imperfect in this life. We will ALWAYS be tempted to do wrong and sometimes we´ll give in and sin. But, we have the Atonement and as often as we repent with a sincere heart we can be forgive and not only that but strengthen for the next time Satan tries to tempt us :) WE ARE STRONGER THAN HE IS!! And always will be, even though he wants us to believe we are nothing and have to be miserable. We know that´s false. He loves us and His loving arms are ALWAYS reaching out to ua :) I love my Savior and I love the perfect plan our Heavenly Father has given us :) I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Have a great week ok?!

Love, Your Larissa :)

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!! (on the 20th) Hope you get my card :)

P.S.S. Be sure to talk Aaron´s ear off about how he´s been for me! I expect him to be able to tell me next week that he was able to talk to every one of you and you tell him so he can hear that I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!! haha ok I´m back in missionary mode and out of crazy girlfriend mode ;) LOVE YOU!!!

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