Monday, May 26, 2014

Mi Semana!!!

I'm gonna be so grateful when I can just put pictures on Facebook in like 5 seconds and don't have to spend 10 minutes fighting with the computer just so I can't send anything haha and then I don't have hardly anytime to WRITE!!! But Oh well :) haha

so I have a new companion!! Hermana Castleman :) Straight out of the MTC! She's super fun and we have a ton in common wich has been fun. She's got a lot of big ideas which I just love too and we're gonna see what we can do to get it into action :) We had a SUPER tough week, whcih is normal but it was rough for her. We're just gonna keep working hard!! Well, I've gotta go now!! I just love reading everything from you guys so much I don't do enough time updating you about my week haha but I'll try to do better :)

I love you all so much!!!
Have an awesome week!!!

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