Monday, July 14, 2014


Haha it woulda been better to have that title if we woulda won yesterday (even though I had no part of watching, just heard all the screams and yells and cannons and all that good stuff!)

But I had an awesome week! It really lifted my spirits a lot and I didn't even realize I was in need of that, but like I've realized SO many times out here on the mish, Heavenly Father knows 1003507x's better than we do what we need and don't need :)

I LOVE SANTA ROSA!!! This is kinda silly. . .but I feel like the rest of my mission was like my hard trials and challenges of our earth life and now my last month I've been recieved into the Celestial Kingdom for all the hard work I've been trying to give <3 Hermana Peralta my new comp is amazing <3 She changed missions from Chile last transfer, so she got to our mission with Hermana Castleman, but we have the same time in the mission :) She's from Argentina too and she's teaching me how to speak in vos :) haha and I teach her and help here with her already awesome English! She's an amazing example of hard work and diligence. When she got here our area was super dead, but she's completely turned it around :) We worked WAY hard this week too and we have some of the neatest investigators!

WE ARE TEACHING A FAMILY!! It's hard to find families here in Argentina cuz so many are just living together or are seperated. . .and they do need to get married still, but they are totally willing to which ALSO doesn't happen around here. . .well in Bahia :) The people here are at least a little more chill and small town feel! Lots of people let us in their houses and it's great :) Also. . .we had SEVEN investigators at church yesterday :) Haha Hna Peralta says I'm a good luck charm, and I said all I did is just "smile and wave" haha but really, we're just working super hard and I know we had them all there cuz we gave our all so they could be there!! They all loved it and we're so excited to see their progress :) Hermana Peralta likes having fun too, we're always laughing and being goofs :) She has 12 brothers and sisters haha she also is 24 so before her mission she was working as a Music teacher. She has an AMAZING voice. haha my first day we had a zone meeting and they asked us to sing and I totally butchered it haha but she was super sweet about it, in that she teased me that "we" did awful even though it was just me haha but she's awesome in that way, not at ALL fake :) It's awesome wokring with her here! I'm sure I'll have more stories next week :)

I'm so grateful fo my mission. I love every minute :) It's been hard, and it's not over, but I'm gonna keep rolling forward in full gear until the whistle blows!!! And even then I know it's not over, this was just my pre-workout haha But I'm happy, and that's what really matters :)

I love you all so darn much!! Have an awesome week ok?! Work hard and love God with all your heart :)

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