Monday, July 7, 2014

I'm leaving Bahía Blanca! :( :) :/ :D haha

Yep. Crazy. After being here for almost a year, President called me and told me he's Emergency Transfering me to La Pampa tomorrow! I cried haha cuz after lots of stuggling and hard work with little fruits, we finally were seeing some real progress in our area, which I am SO grateful for the opportunity to have had to work here in Villa Floresta, but I was excited for the fruit too haha but my Heavenly Father needs me elsewhere which I'm excited about!

It's the closest it gets to "the country" where I'm going and I'm way stoked about that!! haha my comp says she feeling like she's the guy on Tangled when she's all "I'M FREE" then the next minute "I'm such a terrible person" haha I thought this was just gonna be a normal keep working hard transfer, but it'll be fun to get to know another part of Argentina for my last few weeks :)

We had invited 6 poeple to church and all of them commited to coming, but come Sunday it was raining and gross outside so. . .no one showed haha when we passed by to see what happened they were like "oh you still go in the rain like this?" haha I was like YESSSSSS!!! IT'S A FREAKIN COMMANDMENT!!!! hahaha just kidding, I said it way more spiritually than that, but I think it had the same power ;) But seriously, it's NUTS the excuses people are willing to make for things that are not optional. I know I defintiely was and still am one of those people sometimes, but I'm grateful I atleast have the vision of what needs to happen and I'm trying my best to make things happen :) That comes from having a testimony though, which I know my buds here in Villa Floresta are still working on gaining.

I'm going to Santa Rosa and I leave tomorrow at 5ish at night and I'm going with all the Distict leaders from down there so I don't have to travel alone so don't worry about anything! I'm going as Junior companoin with someone who has the same time in the mission as me, and it sounds like she's been having a rough time so we'll see if I can help, but pray for me <3 She sounds way awesome! She latina so I'll be able to come home not remembering how to speak english ;) I think she's from Chile, but I'll have more details next week!! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! Have an awesome week :) Work hard in whatever your doing, give it your all, and SMILE!!! <3

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